Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing

Award winning hairdressing with stunning colors and styles
As the name suggests, multi-award winning stylist Tracey Hughes' latest collection, Paragon, is simply that - a paragon of the ultimate in hairdressing. Featuring Tracey's unique, distinctive style, Paragon illustrates her technical craftsmanship and outstanding precision through its complex structural shapes resulting in an impeccably sharp finish.
This illustration of graphic perfection is superbly complemented by touches of color that electrify the palette. Distinctive emulsions of amethyst, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline pinks, canary yellow, velvet browns, vanilla blondes and acidic oranges and reds contrast with powdery pastel tones. These bursts of color bring to light the sharp shapes of the glamorously artistic haircuts.

Quintessential Bob

Smooth short bob with a curved silhouette
This first of the Paragon hairstyles shows the quintessential bob cut with precision and styled to best display the clean, smooth line and sharp edges of the cut. The hair color is a deeply dimensional, rich, cool, ash brown that is given an added twist with a hint of emerald green added to create a look of iridescence.
The cut features a gently curved silhouette, which is echoed by the rounded cutting lines along the fringe. The styling is ultra smooth and creates the fine-grained finish that allows the color work to really shine. The completed style gleams like polished wood.

Glowing Red Curls

Short red hair with curls
If the first hairstyle in this collection is cool and controlled, then this short hairstyle embodies the spirit of flame. The cut is heavily layered and styled with lots of curls for lots of volume. The result is a glowing silhouette with lots of energy and movement and a true blaze of color.
That color, a fiery, glowing red, simply turns the light reflected off of it into a smoldering ember-glow. The overall look is wild, free and seductively dangerous.

Asymmetrical Haircut

Short asymmetrical hairdo
Nothing defines a true artist's talent like the skill to combine opposing elements of style into a cohesive whole. Here we see a short asymmetrical cut featuring an extended forelock and sharp clean angles along the perimeter of the style.
The hair color combines a pale, golden cream base color with a vibrant red that seems to seep and gather into the ends of the hair at the fringe. The styling, though sleek and straight, is lightly textured with a grainy feel, creating and emphasizing strands in the hair to create contrast in the lines of the style.

Supershort Haircut

Supershort haircut for yellow-blonde hair
Still emphasizing straight styling, this hairstyle is a study of other contrasting elements. The styling is mostly straight, but the texture of the supershort fore-lock style is soft, giving the impression of a baby duckling, with hints of the swan to come in the graceful curves and added gleam of color in the fringe.
The base color is a canary yellow-blonde, and the color effect is one of diffused accent coloring that allows the color to blend and glow with its own light making the combined color greater than its component parts.

Volume and Curl

Shoulder length hair with wet-set curls
We've seen the wild and voluminous fiery look in style two, but this hairstyle gives us another take on volume and curl. The soft sable color is accentuated with spicy orange accents in splashes throughout the style. This lets the hair catch and refract the light in myriad ways, adding to the depth of the color and style.
The styling, though voluminous, is carefully crafted, with softly sculpted curls in a tight fall all around the face. This look is likely crafted with a wet-set and then gently combed out to preserve the integrity of the curl and avoid a fuzzy look.

Color Accents

Short blonde hair with color accents
Our last look in the Paragon collection is another uber-short, super-straight, asymmetrical cut with a razor-sharp fringe. The sleek, skull-hugging styling means that the style has a clean silhouette, while the color is a blend of creamy-blonde with a cool, amethyst accent in gradient patterns along the opposing corners of the fringe area.
The striations of the color accents reinforce the look of the straight styling and make the overall look very dramatic.
Hair: Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing, Melbourne
Colour: Tracey Hughes
Photography: Andrew Maccoll
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Vass Arvanitis
Products: Redken
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