Hi:Def by Joico

Hair with vivid colors
Art in motion, the spirit of abstract expressionism captured in hair. Joico's Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton, International Artistic Directors, take us on a colorful visual tour of hypnotizing colors and supercharged hairstyles.
Modern art of the 20th century ignited the first spark to this outrageous collection, and it was the creativity of very talented stylists that translated vivid colors, motion and shapes into a new medium.
Layers are created in the hair through cutting and texturing and then again using color. Bright hues are applied in sheets, patches and streaks. Every move reveals a new pattern of color, just like a kaleidoscope filled with rainbow crystals.


Green and turquoise hair colors
Tones of viridian green and dark turquoise play with long, lacy black strands and present a new marbled pattern with every new direction the flow of silky hair takes.
Long layers over shorter ones and a unique curved, asymmetrical shape can be styled in a range of very avantgarde and abstract shapes. The color was applied in long streaks from a high pivot point on the crown and also in layers.


Daring futurist cut with intriguing hair colors
Intriguing colors reminding of anodized metal jewelry are just as stunning as the daring futurist cut. The color was applied in diagonal layers and streaks on the canvas of layered hair with varying lengths.
Longer textured sections overlay well-defined areas with clear lines and sculpted styling. Variations for styling are endless and each one reveals a new adventure in color and shape.


Short cut for purple hair
This rare flower bursts onto the scene in an explosion of hair color in fuchsia, black and purple. Short, straight-cut bangs are complimented by a longer and textured top layer that can be styled in many directions from wild and bold to a more understated version.
The star of this haircut is definitely the shimmering color that delights with its contrasts and the range of possible patterns.


Hair with red and fuchsia hues
Bathed in the color of seduction this layered hairstyle with the devilish fringe will be the belle of the ball. The irresistible force of the red hues turns explosive with sprinkles of fuchsia and is intensified even more by a dark background.
Long layers break all the rules and frolic in their feathery beauty in long over short, curved next to straight, tousled over sleek.
Photos: Joico
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