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Muse is inspired by the modern intergration of world cultures, globalization and the reality of a borderless world. Emiliano Vitale is using CURL and SHAPE, taking the textures from particular periods and mixing them with shapes of a different time creating a new moment, NOW!
  • 1940s waves hairstyle
  • care-free curly hairstyle
  • quiff shape hairstyle
  • braided and pinned hair
  • roughed-up curly hair
  • Demi Moore's short crop look
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40s waves, 50s quiffs and the 80s curls are used as inspiration for the hairstyles for this modern day MUSE. Particularly fascinating is the relationship of light and shape, and it's used again with MUSE to reflect a thought, a feeling a rebellion.
In effect MUSE is a rebellion against that original rebellion of the New Romantic period of the early 80s.
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Andrea Black
Styling and Concept: Peta-Marie Rixon @
Products: TIGI
Photography: Kylie Coutts
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