Femme by KSFH

Easy to wear hairstyles for women
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They are back! Feminine hairstyles from the turbulent 1960s and 1970s have inspired this small collection of delightful looks from short and shaggy to long and luxurious. Influences from modern catwalks also left their mark on the powerful cuts and the intense hair colors. All has been infused with layers, textures, creativity and a lot of shine to create easy to wear and easy to take care of looks for active women.
At KSFH a look is not complete without the right make-up. Just as the hair, the make-up is feminine and it brings out the individual features without overpowering them. Eye-shadows are green and blue, lips a pale pink or rose and a lot of gloss make them sparkle together with the brilliant sparkle of the hair.

Ruby Ruffles

Undercut short hairstyle with a longer neck section
A combination of cutting techniques results in this highly textured, graduated, tapered and undercut look with a most interesting fringe and asymmetrical elements. The slightly rugged outline is pulled together by a rounded silhouette and the harmonious transition of colors.
The tone in tone application of dark red and fire orange blends smoothly and enhances the energy of the feisty and super stylish short haircut with a longer neck section.

Tricolor Accents

Short hair with contrasting colors and a roll-up effect
Back view of modern hair with curls
Gently contrasting hair colors accent the shape of this retro-flavored but highly modern hairstyle. Surprising plays with different lengths and long extended tendrils, a mix of textures, curls and straight sections is shaped to soft roundness with a roll-up effect along the sides and the back.
Longer tendrils in darker colors stick out left and right, adding movement and surprise to the look that already stands out with the large red curls that accentuate the side.

Sugar and Spice

Soft short hair that pivots around the head
Pixie hair with an anchor point on the back of the crown
Soft lines with a distinct outline and super-silky shine are a definite eye-candy. The short hair pivots around the head with a high anchor point on the back of the crown, just a bit off to the side. The longest hair makes up the diagonal bangs.
Along the sides and in the back of the pixie cut the hair shortens gradually. The yummy hair colors range from a finely spun honey gold to reddish cold and highlights in a bright platinum.

Chocolate Curls

Long 60s hair style with curls and a side partition
Straight shiny surfaces are styled in three directions with a short side partition and a larger, slightly poufy back section that brings in a flavor of the high styles in the 1960s.
A deliciously unruly mass of curls plays out its chocolaty volume way below the shoulders and the lighter and darker shades of cocoa gently create a warm glow and much dimension.
Hair: Kristijan Petek & Marko Beltram for KSFH
Make-up: Aurelia for ksfh
Photography: Peter Marinšek
Haircosmetics: Schwarzkopf Professional
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