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The Core Collection

Steve Salon de Coiffure

Metal is not necessarily something that comes to mind when we think about hair. Not so for the creative team at Steve Salon de Coiffure. In their Core Collection colors of metals are combined with warm tones of the natural palette of hair.
  • bob for geay hair
  • steel hair color
  • platinum and brown hair color combined
  • teased hair
  • bob with inward turn
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Three adventures in cut and color are presented in different stylings and perplex us with the haunting beauty that derives from the contrast of steel, platinum and even rust to muted browns. Futuristic expression meets Goth and classic elegance.
The Steve Salon de Coiffure managed to bring the seemingly contradicting together. Unusual, visceral, seductive and showing the way to the future of hair design.
Hair: Steve Salon de Coiffure - Medan
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