Alchemy by Camille Albane

  • Long layered hair
  • Easy to wear graduated bob
  • False short hair
  • Chignon with curls
  • Glossy long hair
  • Generous curls
  • Feminine bangs
  • Copper bowl cut
  • Easy short hair

Glossy and bold are the back to work watchwords. Hot on the heels of make-up, hair has taken the hint and now it’s all about radiance. Precious colors, light and airy textures and substance, shimmering metallics… style fusions are creating a multitude of possibilities.
From short crops to longer styles, transformations take place at the fingertips of Camille Albane’s expert stylists, color technicians and make-up artists, revealing a simple elegance and hairstyles which women are sure to fall for. After all, we know that the relationship between women and their hair is a love story.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois