La Suite by Laetitia Guenaou

Short hairstyles for fall and winter
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The next episode (of the story): Bright and joyful after having enjoyed the spring-summer season, Laetitia Guenaou’s three heroines get ready to curl up in the cocoon of fall and winter, to live it in great serenity.
While carefully maintaining their identity, they evolve in volumes, materials, shapes... A knot, a suspended, aerial ponytail, closes with fibers that intertwine, enlace, intersect and weave the cocoon that protects from winter.
Gently attached or released, hairstyles live every moment of the day. The hair colors darken slightly, but keep their bright spring tones. In a symphony, Laetitia Guenaou’s heroines are preparing a soft, whimsical and warm fall and winter.
Pixie cut for the winter season
Pixie cut for winter - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Pixie cut for red hair
Pixie cut for red hair - Photo: Alex Czyba
Contemporary pixie cut
Contemporary pixie cut - Photo: Alex Czyba
Very short bob haircut
Very short bob - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Short cut with bangs
Short cut with bangs - Photo: Alex Czyba
Haircut with cute short bangs
Cute short bangs - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Cute short haircuts
Cute short haircuts - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Sophisticated knot
Sophisticated knot - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Hair: Laetitia Guenaou
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Patrycja Dziewit
Photography: Przemysław Choła & Alex Czyba
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