Sport Evolution by Paul Gehring

Easy to take care of hairstyles
Fashion and sports have not always been mentioned in the same sentence and the practical demands of the physically active are not necessarily encouraging creativity or even glamour. A new trend is hitting the gyms, tracks and fields and it is here to stay.
Sports is about taking your physical beauty to the next level, to find balance of soul and body and having a hairstyle that derives from the same philosophy is just a logical step.
Paul Gehring combines fierce haircuts with illuminated colors and even brings back the mullet for all of the daring souls out there. These hairstyles are as gorgeous as they are easy to take care of and they won't fall apart when you are out there sweating away and building up your muscles and your stamina.

Sporty Hair with Layers

Sporty medium length hair with layers
Medium long wash and go hair
Sporty look with textured hair
This medium length layered look is cut with determination! Short enough to be of the wash and go category but with enough length to provide attractive volume and movement. It is parted on the side which creates a wide and long fringe that can be worn in the face for a little mystery, but it also looks great taken to the side.
All ends are textured with parallel vertical cuts to about half an inch depth. Her platinum, almost metallic hair color adds to the power effect of the entire ensemble. If things get too hot she can always wear her hair in a ponytail, but nothing can really beat this all over ruffled look.

Modern Mullet

Modern mullet cut for women
Practical cut with layered top hair
Practical mullet for blonde hair
A short front and longer back defines the mullet. It is a hate it or love it look, but one cannot deny its practical side and under the hands of Paul Gehring even this infamous hairstyle turned into something rather intriguing, even sexy.
The hint of the 70s and 80s almost gets blinded away by the bright icy blonde hair color that cools one off just by looking at it. The top hair is layered and textured through and through and styled in a delicious mussed and scrunched texture.

Flashback in Time

Dynamic medium length haircut
Mulleted hair
Blonde hair with pink strands
Ziggy Stardust and late 70s glam rock lift their mulleted heads with this dynamic haircut. Paul Gehring not only brings new texture and movement to the cut but also a gorgeous and generous hint of color.
The cool blonde has dark roots for a natural effect, but the pink strands soften it all immediately. It can be styled wild or more demure and has many surprising options. The lower section is very fine and will not make her sweat.

Stylish Sporty Pouf

Hair in a pouf on top of the head
Sporty updo for long hair
Style to keep hair away from the face
We have all had them when working out. The little poufs on top of the head to take long hair out of the danger and sweat zone. Paul Gehring's version is of course much more sophisticated than the scrunchy based happenstances and it is constructed out of a braid that is wound around itself and does not even show a trace of any clips or elastics. These are well hidden under a strand of hair, wrapped around the base.
The sandy blonde hair received a berry colored treat in wide strands, which now accentuate the texture and shape of the small bun. Worn high on the forehead it reminds of the powerful Japanese Sumo wrestlers and with that look in her eyes, no one will surely come in her way.

Dynamic Short Cut

Assertive look with short hair
Short hairstyle with a flying fringe
Dynamic cut for short hair
A flying fringe and a long neck make their mark on this assertive look. All of the hair is styled out of her face and textured by scissors as well as by color. Fine streaks of a light platinum lift the demure dark blonde and infuse a rocker chic esprit into the look.
If you are especially daring add some temporary streaks of bold or pastel color in the fringe and sides. For this version the hair was styled criss cross on top and downward on the sides. This is one of many options and you could get really creative with a jar of modeling creme.

Spike It!

Mullet inspired hair that hugs the neck
Sporty look with spiked top hair
Hairstyle with combed back sides
Just as she is driving her own fitness to its peak, so she does her hair. A great expression of personality in every spike! The mullet inspired cut features a long back which is cut and styled to gently hug her neck.
Sides are combed back revealing her ears and the textured fringe is reaching for the stars. All this with dark roots and platinum streaks and tips that deserve a gold medal.
Hair: Paul Gehring & Team for ALCINA
Make-up: Fabrizio Camponeschi
Photography: Carlo Battillocchi