Iconic by Sassoon

Iconic hair styles by Sassoon
Style that deserves the term iconic is recognizable at first sight. It touches us on a deeper level and leaves a lasting imprint in our memory. It evokes emotions and fascinates. It is also filled with a beauty that is timeless.
We find this iconic style in the dresses by Coco Chanel, in art and architecture, in car design and in the hairstyles by Sassoon. The Sassoon hair design has already left its mark on the history of fashion and there is more to come.
Created with state of the art technique and a philosophy of quality and shape, that is unsurpassed in the industry, the Iconic hairstyles by Sassoon are a new benchmark. Shapes are as dynamic and streamlined as the early Sassoon creations, but take it further with new details and modern colors.

Heavy Fringe

Short hairstyle with heavy bangs
Short hair cut with tapered sides
The solid fringe is curved and smooth with a brilliant shine. All of the other details take a step back, but with their more playful nature, they contrast and at the same time enhance the effect of these amazing bangs.
The soft and wispy sides are tapered and finely layered for a rounded shape with an easygoing nature. The textured points that curve in at the very side of the fringe accentuate her cheekbones and bring movement and high energy to the entire hairstyle.

Geometry and Color

just below the ears haircut
just below the ears haircut
Sublime in every inch, a true icon of style. Simplicity alone is not enough to create a timeless classic or superior elegance. It is the balance of line and shape, of color and styling that can take a hairstyle to such a mesmerizing quality.
Her short look has one even cutting line just below the ear lobe and between nose and upper lip. It is a short bob, but made by Sassoon it exceeds even the allure of this all time favorite.
Sharp lines and slightly flared out front edges are softened by a warm, dark chocolate color with a deep brown shadow on the side and hazel highlights that peek through the glossy surface.

Short and Red

Hair that partially reveals the ears
Shades of red turn this short hairstyle into a wearable flame of deep impact. The tapered look has a short neck and the sides are short enough to partially reveal the ears. All of the length is in the fringe that sweeps across in its breathtaking dynamic, accentuated by copper highlights on a Merlot base.
Again Sassoon used medium and dark shades of the same hair color to create an ingenious display of light and shadow which helps to emphasize the shape of the hairstyles.

Sweet and Short

Sweet short hairstyle
The ease of wear of this style was experienced by the equally iconic Jean Seberg and Mia Farrow with many to follow their path in fashion. The adorable short crop turned exceptional under the hands of the Sassoon stylists.
Fine layers and a very soft outline are styled close to the head in a nude blonde color with the tiniest, shimmering highlights that throw a magical iridescence over the hair. The sides are long enough to be tugged behind the ear for a sweet effect. The fringe is gently textured and its short length is styled into the forehead in a shallow curve.

Modern Retro Pixie

short and easywash and wear hairstyle
A free spirit expressed by an ultra cute short hairstyle! The joie de vivre is contragious and the easy wear and even easier styling of this winning look is top of the line. Wash and wear, ruffle it a bit and enjoy your active day.
With a perfect cut by Sassoon this little blonde pixie will look perfect all day long. The neck is graduated and the rest of the hair is finely layered with a short fringe and sweet highlights on a beige blonde base.
Hair: Sassoon