Chic-Order by Raffel Pages

1960s hair for women
The 1960s are calling through Raffel Pages' collection. Beautiful hairstyles in blonde and with pin-up, baby doll and other playful, feminine shapes are made to bedazzle.
Be it a high ponytail, a teased and lifted back section, golden waves or a swingy bob, all of the looks in the collection are flirtatious and tease with their at times innocent, then again sultry expressions.
The eternal hair color of the famous sirens of the world, blonde, comes in bright, golden hues with high and low lights, but there is also a stunning platinum and blue style for those who like it a bit more edgy.

High Hair

Retro long hair with a lifted back
A lifted back gives a beautiful retro dimension to any hairstyles and adds a precious, pampered and feminine look to the hair. The best way to do it, is to gently tease the hair from underneath until the desired amount of lift is reached and then smooth out the top layer over it.
Before her hair flows over her shoulders in the most delightful waves, it starts out sleek and gently swirled around her crown with just a tiny little sidepart right in front. Bangs are long and fall in one great and smooth sweep diagonally across her forehead. Her hair color is a very luscious golden, barbie blonde with darker roots to keep the look natural.

Bouncy High Ponytail

Bouncy high ponytail
Equally long hair was lifted to the very top of her head and then bound to a high ponytail. First with an elastic band, then a strand of hair was wrapped around the base to cover the elastic and to form a thick and visible anchor.
The tips of the lengths are curled outward for extra swing that will happily bounce with every step. Again the hair color is a rich golden blonde and the roots are a few shades darker, which makes the hair look especially natural.

Bouncy Curls

Blonde hair with full and bouncy curls
Sweet and blonde and just a hint of innocence make this curly hairstyle so endearing. With the hair so sleek on top, the curls along the sides pop even more. This is the perfect look for a sunny spring afternoon, for tea time or just dancing around with. It will make you move and get out into the world!
The curls are bouncy and full. Streaks of light blonde and golden blonde alternate and the roots are a hint darker than the rest. For this shape the sides were pulled back and fastened with either a small barrette or with a hair comb. Make sure the long bangs fall freely and are straighter than the sides with just a little curve in them.

Elegant High Back

60s hairstyle with a high back
One of the quintessential 60s looks! The layered hair features a great shape with long bangs and the hair extending all the way down her neck, cut with tapered sides and the last and longest tip at about shoulder level.
Hidden hairpins and some teasing bring the volume to such heights. Her hair color is a glowing light copper, which seems to become the new blonde.

Bob with Body

Chin length bob with volume
The elegant chin length bob reaches its full potential with the incredible volume that was worked into the hair. You will need a blow dryer and a thick round brush, if you want to repeat this at home.
As a contrast to all of the fullness the sideways fringe was styled closer to her skin. One longer strand curls its way down the side as a very refined accent. Warm gold and light blonde are the colors that are applied in medium wide strands throughout and create a beautiful play of light in her hair.

Blonde with Blue

Contemporary blonde hair with a blue color accent
Platinum blonde hair with a kiss of blue and cut into a contemporary, sassy short shape. This adorable look features a curved fringe with fine texture along its edge and a dip towards one side.
There are fine layers throughout and the back is graduated to follow the shape of her head and to expose her tender neck. Modern and edgy with a magical touch.
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