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Chic-Order by Raffel Pages

  • long hair with a lifted back
  • high ponytail
  • bouncy curls
  • hair with a high back
  • bob with volume
  • blonde hair with blue streaks
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The 1960s are calling through Raffel Pages' collection. Sexy hairstyles in blonde and with pin-up, baby doll and other playful, feminine shapes are made to bedazzle. Be it a high ponytail, a teased and lifted back section, golden waves or a swingy bob, all of the looks in the collection are flirtatious and tease with their at times innocent, then again sultry expressions.
The eternal hair color of the famous sirens of the world, blonde, comes in bright, golden hues with high and low lights, but there is also a stunning platinum and blue style for those who like it a bit more edgy.
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