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Legends of Purity

Klaus Peter Ochs

  • blonde men's hair and stubble beard
  • men's hair with bouncy curls
  • hairstyle with highlights for men
  • men's hairstyle with gel
  • men's hair with a fringe
  • retro men's hairstyle with sleekness
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Men are boosting their fashion ego and turn to their stylists for some trend therapy. A new awareness of great outfits and the discovery of fun with fashion makes the world a bit more beautiful, man by man. Klaus Peter Ochs has the hairstyles that go with the theme and brings out the best in the boys.
His collection Legends of Purity represents Ochs' own vision of beauty in minimalism, but with high impact and maximum style. Innovative and a little daring, these looks cater to every type with clear lines, some more sleek some more textured. Colors stay in the earthy, natural realm, except for a divine platinum blonde.
Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
Artistic Team: Ilona Duering, Davide Carsidona, Franco de Palma
Clothes: Benjamin Boul & VĂ©ronique Suchet
Make-up: Florent Pellet
Photography: Laurence Laborie