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Mother of Pearl by Davines

  • blonde hair with color accents
  • sleek hair with color accents
  • wild bob
  • prismatic hair colors
  • colorful long hairstyle
  • changing hair color pattern
  • hair with sheer colors
  • looped fringe
  • soft long hair
  • pastel hair colors
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Every artist's goal is to capture light in its most beautiful shapes and forms. Using the hair as a canvas Davines now seduces us with their new Mother of Pearl Collection. Ambitious and creative, this series can only be described as poetry made into hair.
Dreamy colors with an iridescent finish, fluid pastel hues touching and complementing each other bring previously unknown luminescence into the hair and tease our eyes with their surprising effects.
All this takes place on simple cuts that are designed to be versatile and to exude a timeless elegance. The design of the cut is merely a backdrop to the hair color.
Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara for Davines
International Creative Color Ambassador: Edoardo Paludo
Make-up: Mel Arter @ CLM
Nails: Mike Pockock @ CLM
Stylist: Niccolò Torelli
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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