"Pop Art" by Ken Picton

1960s hair colors
Andy Warhol and his contemporaries causes a storm by kicking off the grandiose pop art movement in art in the 1960s. Who does not remember Andy's Campbell Tomato Soup can or his multicolored repeated portraits of Marilyn Monroe, just to name a couple of his famous works. Ken Picton picks up the same elements in his own artwork and takes pop art to hair.
His collection features cuts that are very similar in shape, actually the 8 styles that you see here, have only two base cuts. The differences are created through color. Each look, sleek and geometric, hardly differs in form, but the color gives each individual style its own character and mood.
Outfits and make-up also do not change and are a mere backdrop to the amazing effects that color has on us. Monochromatic styles, two toned or a soft shading with seamless transition from darker to lighter hues, all are expressive and beautiful in their own way and could not be more different. Yet the canvas never changes.
This collection is not just beautiful and inspiring, it also teaches us a new lesson about the value of color in hair.

Platinum Pure

Short hair with a platinum color which looks like silver
A soft shape reminds of the petals of a flower. It's nature is minimalistic, direct and of a futuristic clarity without any fuzz. Smoothing lotion keeps the short hair close the the scalp and allows for the very supple curve of the fringe. The cutting line along the sides covers half the ear with a laser sharp edge.
Her hair color is a pearlescent, almost blinding platinum, which looks silver in the shadows. A beautiful statement of color that has a postmodern flair.

Morning Glory Blue

Blue hair color with a kiss of purple
The same cut that stunned us with its crisp and sobering platinum white statement, now shimmers mystically in a morning glory blue.
The floral color, a combination of a classic blue with a kiss of purple, ever so lightly along the sides, brings a new character to the strict cut. Playful and mysterious is the new message.

Metallic in Two Tones

Short hair with metallic colors
Graphite dominates the front and from right before the ear to the back a tone that comes across as an mix of sterling silver and pewter lightens up the rest of the rounded, geometric cut.
The line that separates both hair colors is distinct and clear, however at the very edge of the cutting line we see a small area where they both overlap. This little touch brings a little softness into the shape and adds to the artistic message.

Rhapsody in Blue

Short hair with a combination of dark aubergine and dark royal blue colors
Dark aubergine and an equally dark royal blue come with a festive, slightly melancholic expression. Extravagant without pretense, classy and serene, but artistic and avant-garde.
A thrilling combination of a smooth round cut, with undercut sides, a smooth, shiny surface and a color combination that is rather unusual in the world of hair. Its subtlety makes it sophisticated and the state of the art technique of color blending and smooth transition, makes this short look a star in modern hair design.

Light and Copper

Short hair and a light copper hair color
The lipstick is the same as in all of the other images. However with the light copper hair color, the signal red color seems to stand out even more. Drama and passion with shades of red compliment her pale skin, which is enhanced additionally by the stark, black and graphic eyeliner.
Her cut is short, round with a textured fringe and a simple, structural undercut on the sides. The light filled color gives it a cheerful expression, daring and precious.

Deeper Shade of Copper

Short hair in a rich and coppery color
A few tones darker, this shade of copper has more weight than the lighthearted version seen before. It is the alto to the previous soprano.
Rich and coppery red with a beautiful matte sheen, the short hair is styled very simply from a high anchor point all around without any distracting elements. Only a gentle curve is shaped into the sides and the back for more visual impact.

Rubies are the new Diamonds

Short hair with a deep rich and luscious red color
As stunning as the cool platinum colors are, there is nothing more uplifting and invigoration than a deep, rich and luscious red. Among the rarest of all hair colors it is also one of the most daring.
This smooth round cut appears to vibrate with the cherry wine color that is lightest on top of her crown and then moves into a purplish black around the edges of the fringe and the sides. The transition is without any interruption, blended by the hand of a master.

Electric Blue

Navy blue hair with an electric blue ray
This is a color you may see when diving at night in a deep ocean, where only one ray of light illuminates the water. A strong navy blue covers root to tip and makes quite a statement all by itself. In comes the electric blue ray of light on one side.
It appears to be transparent and unreal, as if it would disappear once she takes a step. The secret is, that it is based on the exact same navy color as the rest of the hair, but much lighter.
Hairstyles: Ken Picton