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"Pop Art" by Ken Picton

  • platinum hair color
  • blue hair color
  • hair with metallic colors
  • aubergine hair color
  • light copper hair
  • coppery red hair
  • deep red hair color
  • navy blue hair
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Andy Warhol and his contemporaries causes a storm by kicking off the grandiose pop art movement in art in the 1960s. Who does not remember Andy's Campbell Tomato Soup can or his multicolored repeated portraits of Marilyn Monroe, just to name a couple of his famous works. Ken Picton picks up the same elements in his own artwork and takes pop art to hair.
His collection features cuts that are very similar in shape, actually the 8 styles that you see here, have only two base cuts. The differences are created through color. Each look, sleek and geometric, hardly differs in form, but the color gives each individual style its own character and mood.
Outfits and make-up also do not change and are a mere backdrop to the amazing effects that color has on us. Monochromatic styles, two toned or a soft shading with seamless transition from darker to lighter hues, all are expressive and beautiful in their own way and could not be more different. Yet the canvas never changes.
This collection is not just beautiful and inspiring, it also teaches us a new lesson about the value of color in hair.
Hairstyles: Ken Picton
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