Art Pop by Nicky Oliver

Afro hairstyles
Leave the straighteners at the salon and check out how much fun you can have with naturally kinky hair. The Afro texture lends itself to a variety of unique, happy hairdos that cannot be done with any other type of curls.
It needs the tiny and wiry kinks to hold the twisted, outrageous looks created by Nicky Oliver. Try a high pony tail, a row of powder puff trees or a bunch of little knots all around the head. Get creative and start playing!

Center Row

Mohawk look with twisted hair
This is a most artistic take on a Mohawk! The sides are almost shaven off, just a shimmer of hair remains all around except for a wide stripe along the center from front to back. The hair was cut longer in front than in the back with a smooth transition of length.
Six small sections were then twisted and tied to resemble tree stems with a flourishing powder puff on top. Their size decreases from front to back. This style will keep you cool on all levels!

Bundle of Joy

Ponytail on top of the head
Go asymmetrical with a wind blown palm tree on your head! This exotic look is easy to make, great for warmer weather and just a pleasure to behold. All of the hair was combed upward and bundled up slightly off center.
The base can be created with elastic bands in the color of the hair, with a faux braid or with strands of the own hair that were twisted and then rolled around the tail part to form a solid, about one inch high base.
Due to the asymmetrical arrangement one side of the ponytail is shorter than the other, which creates the windy effect.

Tails Tell Tales

Playful hairstyle with side tails
Be expressive with your pig tails! Forget symmetry and just arrange them creatively. The two side tails she wears have a different shape with one, located behind the ear, being flared out in a round flower shape, the other, which sits higher and more in front, falls softer and points downward.
Another special effect is the center puff. Billowy lightness with a round cushion like design runs from her forehead all the way to the back and brings yet one more dimension to this playful hairstyle.

Tight Knots

Updo with knots for kinky hair
Her long kinky hair was sectioned off into small squares all over her head. The individual strands were then twirled until they twisted around themselves. These exotic knots come in smaller sizes in front and larger on top and in the back. Use small hairpins to secure this hairy architecture.
Hair: Nicky Oliver Hairdressing
Make-up: Sylvia Oliver
Photography: Vince Broderick