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Estilo Softy

Hairstyles by Llongueras

  • hair with varying lengths
  • hairstyle with a short fringe
  • short hair with longer back
  • short textured hair
  • bangs with a slant
  • rugged male look
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Llongueras interprets hair in a most refreshing way, just in time for an exciting, fashionable spring and summer with a hint of eccentricity. It is time to flaunt your daring spirit and to make the most out of the hair. The inspired stylists of Llongueras use strong textures, intricate coloring and brave lines to shape the hair.
Asymmetrical or balanced, depends on how strong your fashion courage is. The looks all have a pronounced front with interesting bangs and longer hair in the back. Highlights and shadow sections are used to pronounce the shape and flow of each look to perfection. Get some of that Spanish passion and fabulous design in your life too!
Hair Stylists: LluĂ­s Llongueras, Jordi Vazquez, Eric M. Llongueras
Make-up: Conchi Garcia
Photography: Roger Llonch