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Mila by Laurent Decreton

  • long hair with romantic waves
  • long hair with feathers
  • long asymmetrical hairstyle
  • Soft short hair
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High Couture and high end hair fashion always go hand in hand. This thrilling collection by Laurent Decreton takes it a step further as it is inspired by one of the great masters of scissors and fabric, Yves St. Laurent. Decreton tailored the hairstyles to fit with the vision of the famous couturier and also uses some of his hair accessories in a very exciting way.
The collection also shows a progression of hair lengths and four very different hairstyles on one model, who was daring enough to go from luscious long locks to a sassy short cut. Each style expresses a different side of her personality, what makes this collection a wonderful example for the effect a great cut can have on your overall look.
Hairstyles: Laurent Decreton
Make-up: Kakie
Stylist: Azadeh Zoraghi
Photography: Yves J. Hayat