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Expressive Short Cuts

Hairstyles by Edinger h.schnitt

  • short hair with crimping
  • clipper cut hair
  • blue hair
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This trio is a summer treat made in hair. Cool colors like a tropical cocktail come with the most expressive cuts. The looks are youthful and unconventional and show a deep appreciation of great design. Undercuts are once again the focus and this popular feature is paired with longer top hair, which can be styled in as many different ways as there are moods.
Keep it low profile and graphical or lift the hair up in different directions. These looks are made to express yourself! It does not even take much time to get ready with such perfectly defined lines. A little product together with a little skill and the world will have to hold its breath. Brown, red or ice blue - get ready for some summer fun in gelato and candy colors!
Hair: Edinger h.schnitt
Photography: Martin F├╝reder