Expressive Short Cuts by Edinger h.schnitt

Youthful and expressive very short haircuts
This trio is a summer treat made in hair. Cool colors like a tropical cocktail come with the most expressive cuts. The looks are youthful and unconventional and show a deep appreciation of great design. Undercuts are once again the focus and this popular feature is paired with longer top hair, which can be styled in as many different ways as there are moods.
Keep it low profile and graphical or lift the hair up in different directions. These looks are made to express yourself! It does not even take much time to get ready with such perfectly defined lines. A little product together with a little skill and the world will have to hold its breath. Brown, red or ice blue - get ready for some summer fun in gelato and candy colors!

Raised Style with Triple Effects

Short undercut hairstyles with crimping
How playful hair can get is obvious in this short cut with its tremendous styling. The undercut that moves all around the sides and the back sets a punky and fresh tone as the main feature and the long top hair is pure summer fun.
It is textured just enough to give it a jagged outline with a soft touch. The last stylish element that sets this look apart from so many others is a fine crimping of individual strands in the wildly raided top hair.

Short to Long

Short women's hair with clipper cut sides
Hairstyle with clipper cut sides for women
The conventional shape of a short fringe and longer back is turned around here and comes in a flamboyant red flame shape. The clipper cut sides really make the longer top section stand out and the radically modern shape is supported by a very curved line in the back and the forward styling of the rest of the hair.
It all peaks in the long lifted fringe that shows lighter shades that remind of the flaming sky on a summer's evening.

Ice Blue Princess

Short blue hair with buzzed sides
Hair with buzzed sides for women
Match your hair color to your eyes in a cotton candy shade of the coolest glacier blue. It will cause chills of delight and confirm your status as a princess of style. The buzzed sides come with their own masculine and rebellious charm, while the top is styled with a forward movement and a geometrical fringe that is pure feminine chic.
Just like the other two cuts, this can be styled in many ways, but the graphic lines seem rather fitting for the intense color, which also demands a low key make-up to keep the balance.
Hair: Edinger h.schnitt
Photography: Martin F├╝reder