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Wearable hairstyles
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This is the kind of blues we do not mind getting. If you are ready for a bold statement but don't want to scream it out loud, the color blue could be the best contender. With their new collection Unali Arthairstyle shows how elegant and wearable a beautiful blue in hair can be.
Shades go from intense dark to a bright royal blue and purple to more subtle effects. It all depends on the level of your confidence how strong your hair color can be. The same goes for the hairstyles themselves, which cover the range from retro rebel to festive glam.

Elegant Petal Shapes

Short hair with curved lines and a blue tone
Italian short hair fashion
Sculptural petals define this beautifully shaped short hairstyle. Fine points and long curved lines come together in a very organic, highly refined form. Sophistication meets retro and the outcome is just simply sublime. To add to all of that gorgeousness, the hair shines in a very dark blue tone. The ink-like hue has a strong presence but is not overbearing and just adds a very modern chic to it all.
A welcomed side effect of the hair color is that her fine ivory skin looks even more precious. The styling is all about smoothness with the hair directed towards the front and closely following the shapes of her head and face. Tailored to perfection!

Blue Fringe

Short haircut for dark hair with a blue fringe
Exaggeration is always a great tool in art to fuel attention. It does not have to be as extreme as the famous hairdos of the rock band Leningrad Cowboys and with the vision of Unali Arthairstyle the elongated quiff takes a rather feminine turn.
Lifted off the front, the long fringe is further accentuated with a bright, radiant blue hair color that transitions breathtakingly into darker hues toward the back. The electric blue and blue black create a strong contrast and amazing depth in the short hair. Sides are fanned out into her face.
A blue lipstick makes much sense in this combination and is a great finish that pulls it all together.

Purple Texture

Short cut with texture for purple hair
Fasten your seat belt as this short hairstyle will take you on a fast trip to fashion wonderland. Different lengths were mixed and harmoniously matched for a very dynamic, choppy look with a lot of texture but also much softness.
These elements are accentuated with the styling of the hair in different directions and letting it overlap around the face, while generating a nice and soft volume on the crown. The hair color is a deep plum shade that is rather intense but does not have the shock effect like some of the neon tones.

Artsy Bob

Smooth bob with a long in to the face fringe
This much flair comes easy with all of that very fine, almost lace like texture. The long fringe is the pièce de résistance of the posh look and styled fully into the face. From a high point in the back of the crown, all of the hair was given a push forward and it flows in sleek but strongly textured beauty.
Missing the blue? It is a very subtle way to use the eternal color. It is a fine transparent layer that reveals its magical shine when hit by the light in the right angle. This is a great way to wear this fashion color in your hair if you want to follow the trend, but not get too much attention.

High Roller

Up style to wear with a strapless dress
Strapless dresses and up styles are made for each other. Shine out all others with this rhapsody in blue. You might not see it at the first glance, but her hair has an interesting color effect to match the blue gown she is wearing and to show how trend conscious she is.
A periwinkle tone is worked into the roots and smoothly transitions into the golden blonde of her locks. These were formed to large barrels and in their undisrupted, well defined state attached to the top of her head with a fine sweeping curve leading up the all of the festive drama.
Hair: Beppe & Marco - Unali by C.P.A.
Make-up: Maria Elena Pascolo
Photography: Patrick Wild
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