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Lovely Black by Framesi

  • hairstyle with a graduated neckline
  • short hairstyle with curls
  • shorter back hairstyle
  • Goth look
  • curly top hairstyle
  • short cropped male hair
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Black is more than a color. It is also a feeling of deep passion and love, of secrets, mystery and ancient history. Framesi used this vibe as the inspiration to a hairstyles collection that features bright colors and very original cuts of the hair. The spirit of black is captured without using the actual color.
The extravagant looks carry traits of historical influences and a dark romanticism that makes us think of heavy velvets, brocade and golden candelabras. At the same time the collection is undeniably modern. It is just this juxtaposition of space, time and style that will leave a haunting image imprinted in the mind, long after looking at one of these stunning hairstyles.
video Hair: Framesi
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