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Sedu Hairstyle

Sedu hair style

Q: What is a sedu hairstyle?
A: The term "sedu hairstyle" comes from the name of a company (Sedu Beauty Products) that makes an ionic ceramic flat iron. The Sedu flat iron has become so popular because of its effectiveness, that it has become an industry leader in professional-quality flat irons, and has become synonymous with "straight hair styles".
So, basically, a sedu hairstyle is a "straight" hairstyle. It doesn't even have to be created using a Sedu flat iron or any flat iron at all. Any hairstyle that features silky-smooth and straight hair is considered a sedu hairstyle. Some women whose hair is naturally straight can achieve a sedu hairstyle by simply blow-drying the hair into a straight style. Other women, whose hair may be wavy, curly, or even kinky, must use some method of straightening to get a sedu hairstyle, and the flat iron is a common tool for achieving this look.
Sedu hairstyles can be any length, from super short, to waist length. They can be up-styles, long flowing locks, or anything in between. Sedu hairstyles can be achieved on any ethnicity of hair.
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