Busy New Mom Hairstyle

New mom with long hair
Photo: Motortion Films/Shutterstock
Q: I am a new mom, and I don't have much time to do my hair so for the last year I've had the quick "bun" up do. I would like something new and quick. I have naturally wavy, curly hair and a rounded heart-shaped face. What style would you recommend for me?
A: It's very difficult to give specific hairstyle suggestions based on such minimal information. However, generally speaking, naturally wavy, curly hair tends to look best with a blunt cut, and given the heart-shaped face you describe, something around chin length would serve to balance the shape of the face and create a more oval appearance.
If your forehead is deep or wide, you may want to add bangs to the style. You don't have to worry about looking too severe, though, as long as you make sure to have the bangs cut in a rounded line (turned down at the outer edges of the face). The style can be blown-out straight and smoother, or when you're in a hurry, simply sprayed and scrunched to play up the natural wave and curl.
For a busy new mom, you also have the option to simply take a couple of barrettes and clip back the sides into soft curves behind the ears to keep the hair out of your way as you do your daily chores. It's all quick and simple and perfect for someone with minimal time to spend on her hair.
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