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Japanese Hair Straightening Systems

Q: I have hesitated between the many Japanese straightening systems existing on the market. I know you almost answered this question already but the decision is not easy at all. With the CHIN product the process is less long and less expensive ("only" $300 instead of the $500/$600 for Yuko). There should be a difference which explains this difference in price. I am ready to pay a lot for my hair but I would first like to know what is the advantage for paying more as well as why the time is longer with Yuko and Lisio than with CHIN. Do you know why?
A: Well, I've spent the better part of my morning researching these different Japanese straightening products and have found plenty of information on the Yuko and Liscio systems, but I have not found any mention of a product or process with the CHIN name.
back view of long straight hair What I can tell you is this: The Yuko system takes the longest and has the most involved procedure for hair straightening and thermal restructuring. It also seems to be the most expensive on the whole. That being said, it seems to offer great results, and most of the women who have the procedure love the way it leaves their hair.
The Liscio system, however, is considered the BEST of the thermal restructuring processes. It is a thio-based product, and of all the feedback found on it, there have been no apparent negative reactions to the product. Its process is a little simpler than Yuko, and the cost is similar to the Yuko system, but in many cases is cheaper by 10-15%, depending on how difficult the hair is to curl.
I did discover reports of other "Japanese Straightening" products that are being offered which promise similar results at significantly lower prices. I highly recommend that you be cautious before being sucked in to such claims on products with which you aren't familiar. Make sure to find out all you can before you proceed with any of these.
As for this CHIN product, it may be fine, and if it does as promised, it sounds like a much more cost effective solution for those who want thermal restructuring to remove curl. Before you book a service at the salon where this process is offered, ask them to show you a portfolio of customers so you can judge the results for yourself. I also recommend that you ask for references from other clients of the process so that you can get first-hand information from those people who have already had the process.
My research did uncover one other company that is considered on par with the Yuko and Liscio/Milbon companies. This company is called Bio Ionics. They offer a thermal restructuring process that features a two stage process which would appear to be faster than the Yuko or Liscio systems, and still gives excellent straightening results. It also appears to be significantly cheaper as a result.
I'm sorry I couldn't offer more information. I hope this helps.
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