Color Beard and Moustache

Preparing a man's beard for coloration
Photo: Chid87/Shutterstock
Q: Is it possible to color a beard or moustache?
A: Yes, of course. The hair on your face is hair just like on any other part of your body, including your head. It can be colored by the same products you use to change your hair color. There are some differences, obviously. The one most readily apparent to everyone is texture.
Facial hair tends to be much coarser than the hair on the head, and as a result can be more resistant to hair color. The facial hair can also be less dense than the hair of the scalp and color application must therefore be done much more carefully to minimize the staining of the skin underneath, which will be readily apparent.
Coloring the facial hair should always been done using a small brush applicator to give you better targeting and control. In fact, a small toothbrush is ideal for this purpose.
If in coloring your facial hair, you find it necessary to lighten the facial hair first, DO NOT use the bleaching agent/peroxide combination that is commonly used in highlighting or lightening the hair of the scalp. Most of these hair lighteners are designed to be used "off the scalp" with foils or through a highlighting cap.
The chemicals in these products are very strong and will cause burns if you get them on the sensitive skin of your face. Instead, use the milder bleaching kits designed for lightening facial hair in women. The process will probably take longer, but it is much safer for you.
Finally, be sure to purchase hair color stain remover from your local beauty supply store. This product is designed to remove color stains from skins caused by dripping or accidental misapplication, and will not remove the color from the hair. In some cases, color stains can last several days, through repeated washings depending on the color being used
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