Smokin by Andrea Beers

Creative hair styles
The artistic expression of a passionate creativity comes to our attention with unsurpassed hairstyles of a stylish topknot, the quaintness of a most unconventional fishnet braid, a cumbersome flush of copious coils and a streamlined event of never ending wind-blown spirals are all here for your applause.

Hair in a Topknot

Hair in a topknot
The chic and sassy pile of hair on top of the model's head is most becoming when you see how the topknot is cocked over to the side, similar to that worn with a beret and closer to the forehead and temple area than the crown. The multi-blends of blondes magnify the sculptured lines in the coiffure.

Fishnet Braid

Fishnet braid
A spectacular fishnet braid is sectioned with the side panel and brought around the head to plunge over the shoulder with a large purple satiny ribbon attached that reflects the shiny outfit the model is wearing. Oh, so unique, so distinctive and exceptional.

Bouquet of Layered Hair

Headdress of twists, curves, coils and spirals
A bouquet of layered hair is seen in a headdress of twists, curves, coils, spirals, rings and tendrils. The sides are brushed severely back to emphasize the mass convolution of loopy rolls that tower on the top and descend upon the model's backside. A variety of blonde tones complete this striking achievement.

Long Hair & Lone Braid

Hair with a single braid along the side of the face
The drama of a lone braid is called into center form and positioned along side the face where the wind blown parade of coils and spirals of hair are puffed below the models shoulders. The allure that a dark brunette color can incite can be mystifying to a young enchanted Princess.
Hair: Jade Howles at Andrea Beers, Kidderminster
Make-up: Justine Collins at Pinkgloss
Styling: Justine Collins at Pinkgloss
Photography: Richard Miles
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