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Attachments made of artificial hair
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This Balmain Hair collection is unique because it offers a convenient way to change your hairstyle without visiting the hairdresser. With five trendy styles available, you can quickly and easily create a variety of looks.
Whether you're in the mood for long, curly locks, a braided knot, or something unique for a special occasion, the Balmain hair collection has you covered. The best part is, the styles match your own hair perfectly, ensuring a natural look.
This collection is special for several reasons. Firstly, the attachments feature a Memory®Hair complex, allowing them to be curled or straightened with an iron without causing damage. After washing, the hair returns to its original shape.
Secondly, the hair attaches with gentle lock clips that are invisible, ensuring a secure hold. The hair color is blended with tones to match your own hair color seamlessly. Additionally, it is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to attach by yourself.

Curly Hairpiece

Upstyle created with a curly add-in hairpiece
With Balmain's Elegance collection of hair extensions and add-ins, creating an elegant and fascinating upstyle or a stunning look is easier than ever. Featured here are the Nice and Paris style add-in hairpieces. These pieces utilize artificial hair combined with metallic threads, allowing for versatile styling, whether curly or straight.
The 'Nice' look showcases a mass of golden curls that crown the head, adding volume and interest to the style. By gathering the natural hair up at the nape and sides and allowing the hairpiece to cascade slightly over the sides, you create the illusion of a meticulously styled hairstyle that took hours to achieve. However, with Elegance hairpieces, such sophistication can be achieved in a fraction of the time, simply by clipping them into place.

Clip-In Hairpiece

Up-style accomplished with a hairpiece with clip-in attachability
Worn straight for the 'Paris' effect, Balmain's Elegance hairpiece 'Nice and Paris' offers versatility, allowing it to be shaped into smooth, fashionable ponytails or falls.
In this demonstration, we showcase how the hairpiece can elevate a hairstyle when positioned atop the head. It adds a dramatic level of height, enabling the hair to be sculpted into a fountain of curved locks that exude elegance and captivate attention.
Once again, thanks to the Balmain Elegance hairpiece and its gentle clip-in attachability, achieving an upstyle that would traditionally take hours can be accomplished quickly and with relative ease.

Braided Knot

Braided knot upstyle created with an attached hairpiece
If you've ever yearned for one of those intricately knotted upstyles but deemed it unattainable due to lack of hair volume or styling expertise, consider the St. Tropez hairpiece from the Balmain Elegance collection.
This pre-made braided knot is designed for easy attachment, allowing you to achieve an ornate hairstyle without the need for expert hairstyling skills or exorbitant salon fees.

Braided Hairstyle

Braided hairstyle created with a hairpiece
Once again, the St. Tropez hairpiece from the Balmain Elegance collection presents a classic braided style. Combining a braided knot with a longer braided rope, it exudes a classy, old-world charm with a touch of modern elegance and clean, ornate lines.
Thanks to the wide array of color choices, virtually any hair can be matched, resulting in a natural appearance. In this style, the rope braid serves as a coronet across the top of the head, while the braided knot anchors the rest of the hair.

Upstyle with Hairpieces

Romantic upstyle created with curled hairpieces
In this photo, we feature the loose curls of the Bordeaux (short length) and Cannes (long length) hairpieces from the Balmain Elegance collection. The model showcases a combination of these two hairpieces to achieve a balanced, stylish, and romantic asymmetrical upstyle.
With a range of curled hairpiece sizes available, Balmain provides the tools to mix and match, allowing you to create natural-looking hairstyles without the need for extended sessions in the stylist's chair.

Upstyle with Soft Curls

Upstyle with soft curls created with hairpieces
The model is also adorned with the Balmain Elegance hairpieces from the Bordeaux and Cannes styles, featuring large soft curls.
Here, the natural hair is elegantly smoothed back to achieve a simple, sleek finish with loose fringe, while the hairpieces are strategically used to introduce a short cascade of curls for a playful yet sophisticated look, suitable for an evening out or a casual gathering with friends.
As always with Balmain Elegance pieces, you can achieve a fashionable look without dedicating an entire day to its creation.

Loose Up-Style

Loose up-style created with clip in hairpieces
This loose, asymmetrical up-style is achieved using the Balmain Elegance hair extensions in the Bordeaux and Cannes styles. The large soft curls are affixed to one side of the head, where the natural hair has been gently gathered after allowing it to drape and curve along the sides of the face.
The hairstyle exudes both casualness and elegance, making it suitable for business engagements or luncheons with friends. And, as always, the best part is that Balmain's Elegance hairpieces clip right in, providing you with the added styling you'd typically spend hours achieving.
Hairstyles: Balmain Hair
Hair Team: Steven Goldsworthy, Vicky Turner, Jason Smith, Daniella Chivers, Vicky Chadwick
Makeup: Lucy Pook
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Jim Crone
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