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Gold Label by BUNDY BUNDY

BUNDY BUNDY's trendy looks
Gold & glamour as far as the eye can see: at Givenchy, Halston and, of course, McQueen. This season, not even die-hard minimalists like Gabriele Strehle could resist the magic of the precious metal or the embodiment of Hollywood chic and have designed cocktail dresses with a glitter look.
German Vogue magazine, for example, features "Trends: Drama de luxe" as its cover story about the upcoming autumn/winter season. Lolita style and the obsession with youthfulness that came with it are now a thing of the past _ strong, self-confident trendsetters and real, perfectly stylish women are the next big thing.
There seems to be a genuine craving for glamour and transformation in the months to come, which also extends to haircuts. Inspired by the current style code of choice _ namely, "dress for the occasion" _ BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team looked for the hairstyle to match these new trendy looks. They decided to focus on the craftsmanship of the art deco era, while updating it, developing innovative techniques and adding a touch of Studio 54 attitude to the newly created look. The result: BUNDY BUNDY's new Gold Label.
  • long hair with curls
  • 50s hairdo
  • silky wavy hairstyle
  • golden blonde hair
  • sleek short hairdo
  • glamorous updo
  • updo with a fancy hairpiece
  • hairstyle with multiple ponytails
  • sophisticated updo
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BUNDY BUNDY's new trendy styling
According to BUNDY BUNDY, healthy, full hair is the key to a great look. Thanks to sophisticated and personalized haircuts and pampering treatments, hair artists at BUNDY BUNDY can achieve this effect even with problem hair. Once this basic requirement for a BUNDY BUNDY couture cut has been met, the sky is the limit. Depending on their mood and styling choice, clients can then capitalize on BUNDY BUNDY's extensive experience and innovative power.
BUNDY BUNDY stylists are at your service to find your "uniquely you" look. Relying on the expertise of BUNDY BUNDY hair artists, our clients will discover their unique trendsetting self this autumn. Available techniques run the gamut from simple tricks and fixes such as twisted braids or hairpieces to gold threads artistically woven into natural hair.
BUNDY BUNDY's new trendy colours
Devotees of BUNDY BUNDY's innovative colouring technique have even described it as applied art because BUNDY BUNDY's "Luxury Shades" technique seems to far exceed even nature's beauty. To complement the selected basic shade, two additional darker and two lighter colours are swiftly applied to the hair, millimetre by millimetre.
The result is stunningly brilliant, lively and shiny colour. The fascinating light reflections that are achieved with this technique are recognized as one of the many BUNDY BUNDY specialties: this year's colour collection is irresistible. Its trendy colours include honey blonde, caffé latte, caramel brown and a shade of spicy chili.
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