El Hombre by Mikel Luzea

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For years, mustaches have been out of the fashion focus, except in parts of the world with strong facial hair traditions. Recently, we have seen an increase in men growing little tufts of hair on their chins. The goatees come in all shapes, sizes, and more or less appetizing lengths. Finally, the mustache is making a comeback.
The new mustaches are well-groomed, tightly trimmed, and shaped. They remind us of the times when typical male fashion awareness exceeded a more practical than handsome haircut and the use of cologne. It was a time when well-dressed dandies roamed the cobblestoned streets, and later Clark Gable and Errol Flynn broke hearts left and right.
Men are daring again to make a fashion statement. They are finding their way back to masculine elegance and playfulness with fashion. The new mustaches are alluring and provide their owners with an air of artistic mystique and sensual rebellion.
The men's hairstyles also draw inspiration from times gone by and revive classic cuts with modern twists and exciting new lines and textures.

Pencil Mustache

Finely shaped pencil mustache and long sideburns
Fashion with an attitude. A finely shaped pencil mustache is the perfect companion for the long and super-slender sideburns that reach all the way down to the jawline.
The side of the head is shaved to military length, while on top, the hair is longer and sweeps forward in a 1950s line to find its highest expression in the spiky upward bangs.

Wide Mustache

Wide 70s mustache and hair with sideburns
Vincent Price meets Uptown Boy. A bit preppy, a bit mysterious, a bit all-American. The longer, wider mustache reminds us of the 1970s when Burt Reynolds was prowling the streets of Hollywood. The hair, however, takes us back even further.
This look features long layers with a few sweeping strands in the forehead and some playful curls in the neck, a side part, and sexy sideburns.

Tiny Pencil Mustache

Tiny pencil mustache and hair cropped close to the head
Don't let the glasses fool you. This geek is a fashion tiger, sporting all the new trends: a tiny pencil mustache, extremely thin with thicker ends on both sides.
The hair is cropped close to the head and shaved on the sides. The top shows slightly longer hair with feisty strands on the forehead.
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Photography: David Muñiz
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