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El Hombre Collection

Mikel Luzea

For years moustaches have been out of the fashion focus, except in parts of this world with strong facial hair traditions. Recently we saw an increase of men growing little tufts of hair on their chins. The goatees came in all shapes, sizes and more of less appetizing lengths. Finally the moustache is growing back.
  • pencil moustache and sideburns
  • long moustache
  • very small pencil moustache
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The new moustaches are well groomed, tightly trimmed and shaped. They remind of the times when the typical male fashion awareness exceeded a more practical than handsome haircut and the use of cologne. It was a time when well dressed Dandies roamed the cobblestoned streets, and later Clark Gable and Eroll Flynn broke hearts left and right.
Men dare again to make a fashion statement. They are finding the way back to masculine elegance and playfulness with fashion. The new mustaches are alluring and provide their owners with an air of artistic mystique and sensual rebellion.
The new men's hairstyles also take their inspiration from times gone by and revive classic cuts with modern twists and exciting new lines and textures.
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Photography: David Muñiz
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