Pure by Axel Marens

Hairstyles with purity
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Since 1994, Axel Marens Salons have been presenting new collections twice a year. Each collection is infused with its own philosophy and inspiration for the upcoming season, showcasing the creativity of true artists in the world of hair.
For this hairstyles collection, the theme of the season is purity. Works of beauty and excellence that appear natural, unique, and extraordinarily brought to perfection by the sharp shears and talented hands of Franck Ranea's team.
Two elements appear in all haircuts of the new Pure collection: air and light. Air manifests in the form of wind, creating titillating movement, or as a soft breeze bringing fluffy lightness into the hair. The light reflects as a subtle shine from the hair colors, which seem to have been taken right out of nature.
The Pure line features a subtle mix of simplicity and finesse, unexpected textures and lines, movement, and artistic detail. It was created for the modern woman who expects the best and wants to be as beautiful as she can be.

Huge Airy Curls

Hairstyle with huge airy curls
An explosion of hair surrounds the face in a halo of huge curls as airy as a summer morning. But before you think of 1980s big hair, note the very beautiful bangs that are showing off the different hues from dark blonde to spiced rum. One long strand builds the edge of the fringe, creating the appearance of a stylish cap.

Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair cut lightly tapered on the sides
A medium-length haircut with gentle asymmetry and soft lines. Windswept lines that are designed to be versatile, in a color that is natural and sophisticated, with an elegant, bittersweet aroma, like a dark espresso.
The hair is lightly tapered on the sides and cut into long layered sheets. A low side part allows for an even greater windswept effect.

Spicy Short Hairstyle

Adorable short hairstyle with different lengths in fluffy layers
Spicy, sassy, and adorable artistic short hairstyle with modern neo-ethno elements that seem to glow even in the dark. Different lengths in the fluffy layers, on the sides, and in the neck create movement and dynamic energy, supported by the bold colors.
Deep copper is highlighted in a lighter golden copper shade, bringing flaming dimension and shine into the equation.

Versatile Haircut for Men

Modern male hairstyle with curls
Versatile haircut for modern males. Cropped close to the head with very short sides and an inbuilt natural curl, this hairstyle can transition from a professional to a cool party look within the blink of an eye and a handful of gel. The curls are styled tight for maximum texture and a subtle romantic, natural flair.
Hairstyles: Axel Marens
Photos: ©Groupe RanĂ©a
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