Retro Man by Sanrizz

Hair  for young men
Sanrizz gives a command performance with smooth hair styling for young men. Looks with hair that falls over a corner of an eye, short clipped napes and waves that lend a bit of mystery to the personality of the character behind the hairstyles. A l'Ĺ“uvre on connait l'artisan!

Clipped Sides and Back

Boys hairstyle with the hair clipped up around the sides and in the back
This boy wears his hair clipped up short in the back and around the sides, with an imposing heavy top that is bigger than life lying smoothly over his eye as the focal part of his image. Just too cool!

Plucky Crown

Man's hairstyle with a plucky crown and sideburns
A plucky crown is the center piece of action with this man's smooth layered hairstyle. With a precision cut in the back, the hair is designed over the ears and extending room for the sideburns and the weighty bangs that are combed over to the side. Use gel to keep the crown in action!

Clipped Nape

Men's hairstyle with blonde hair and the nape clipped up
A bounty of attractive flaxen hair is centrally displayed upon our good-looking young man. The hair blankets most of his forehead. The nape and sides have been cut short with perfect harmony, reflecting the glossy blonde color. Use gloss for shine.

Hair over the Ears

Hairstyle for men with the hair over the ears
Capture the look of the smooth channels of hair moving over one side of the model's eye and revealing the shades of glossy brown and blonde tones in his hair. Textured blends of hair are styled over the ears and upon the neckline, balancing the approach of this retro hair design for men.
Hair: Maria O'Keefe - Sanrizz
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Styling: Rachel Bakewell
Photography: Andres Reynaga
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