"Nude Colours" by L'Oréal Professionnel

Luocolor Interpretation

These maidens incarnate fresh sensuality. The inspirations of pearls, corals, and sun-kissed beaches are evoked in the colors of the hair. Fluid movement and shell-like forms are echoed in the hair shapes.
Long Crimped Hair
Long hair tapered and crimped for an airy effect
Cut: The base is slightly tapered in the length to create a natural, airy effect.
Style: Smoothed down to the shoulders, the long hair is then crimped over half of its lengths for maximum volume and lightness.
Hair Color: Shades 10,23 - 10,03 and 9,13
Destructured Effect Highlights
Short tapered hair with highlights
Cut: The short hair is marked out on the ends with an interplay of highlights, tapered and twisted with scissors.
Style: Highlights lifted by a breeze sweep over the forehead and sides. They are worked over with fingertips for a wonderfully destructured effect.
Hair Color: Shades 10,12 - 9,03 and 8,4
Hair pulled back in two half-ponytails
Cut: Over a square base, the hair is tapered with scissors to give suppleness and volume to the hair.
Style: Pulled back into two half-ponytails, the hair forms a mane with copper accents. A few pieces fall loosely over the front of the face.
Hair Color: Shades 6,4 - 6,24 and 5,35

Majirel Interpretation

These muses exhale a haughty sensuality through their skin. The hair shades are inspired by minerals: alabaster, gold, and amber - raw materials that are also jewels. The harsh edges of these minerals contrast with the soft shapes of the hair.
Long Tapered Fringe
Medium-length hairstyle with a tapered fringe
Cut: The medium-length baseline is layered vertically. The long tapered fringe gives the cut fluidity.
Style: The hair is blow-dried and styled with the ends curving inward and soft movement around the face. The fringe emphasises the alluring gaze.
Hair Color: Shades 9,13 and 10,01
Cascade of Curls
Long hair with smoothed roots and curls
Cut & Style: A cascade of long curls waves around the face, down to the breasts. Roots are smoothed to accentuate the natural volume of the waves.
Hair Color: Shades 8,01 and 9,04
Choppy Short Hair
Short haircut with a choppy finish and a destructured look
Cut: A short haircut with a slightly asymmetric, rounded shape. The edge of the fringe is cut on a bias for a choppy finish.
Style: Perfectly smooth on one side, the marking out of the layered highlights on the other side of the head gives the cut a destructured look.
Hair Color: Shades 6,32 and 6,42
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