Avenue by KSFH Team

Street fashion hair
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This collection from KSF Hair embodies the essence of 'Street Fashions.' These are the hairstyles meant to grace the streets near you.
These styles utilize a variety of salon hair cutting techniques and hair coloring techniques to create four distinct 'looks': Casual Avenue - a popularized mainstream look; Funky Avenue - a teasy, edgy style; Rock Avenue - a hardcore look; and Starlight Avenue - for eveningwear and a more provocative appearance.
The Avenue Collection employs a range of salon techniques, including perming techniques (to retexture hair or add volume), cutting techniques (utilizing graduated and layered cuts in different sections, with the majority of weight left in the upper sections), and color techniques (spread out under partings and flowing from the center crown, complementing the cut technique).
The resulting styles boast elements of volume, movement, structured texture, warm and vibrant colors, and soft, sexy styling.

Long Sweeping Waves

Heavily textured hair with layers and long sweeping waves
The warm, cinnamon-like red of this model's hair highlights the long layers of this cut. The hair is heavily textured for masses of volume and styled into long, sweeping waves.
Added product provides the style with extra shine and definition. The overall effect is a cascade of sinewy, snaky streams of hair.

Rock Star Look

Rock star look hair with smooth waves
The smooth layers and the blunt bottom of this style, paired with the forward smooth styling and waves in the back, create a true 'rock star' look. The style also incorporates dark shades of brown and black, reminiscent of coffee with a touch of cream.
The hair is styled for a full, voluminous effect, with special attention given to the soft lengths that frame the face.

Short Layered Hairstyle

Short layered hair with highlighting for depth and definition
This short, layered look builds up to a peak of bulk at the parietal ridge and is deeply textured to create fine, slender points in the styling. The hair is straightened with full volume, and product is applied to add definition to the style.
The hair color is a dark neutral brown, with subtle highlights added to enhance depth and further define the style.

Short Gamine Haircut

Short gamine haircut with choppy layering and razor-cut edges
This gamine haircut showcases choppy layering and razor-cut edges, with added curve around the top section from waving techniques.
The sides are accentuated by panels of dark lowlight color, while the edges and fringe boast a coppery, warm glow. The result is a short hair look characterized by controlled chaos and edgy glamour.

Long Soft Waves

Long hair with soft wispy layering and contrasting color accents
Here we have a long, leonine mane of golden blonde hair, styled with soft wispy layering. The hair is processed to achieve maximum root lift and long, soft waves.
The sides feature contrasting color accents in cool, dark tones, adding a lacy effect of contrasting colors. The hair is styled to give it a soft, diffuse volume.
Hair: KSFH Team - Slovenia
Make-up: Aurealia
Photography: Peter Marinšek
Design: B. Kramer / Filter Media
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