Urban Experiment by P.A.M. Hair Style

Rebellious hairstyles
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Unadapted individuality from rebellious underground styles, those were the keywords, which the team for Redken live presented at the Top Hair Day.
With their urban experiment looks they are picking up the hottest trends from the New York scene neighborhoods and interpret these individually and creative with their very own touch.

Short Unisex Haircut "Grit" - Man

Short men's haircut with bangs
How to cut hair for a short unisex hairstyle
How to cut - Step 1
The bangs are cut symmetrically or asymmetrically.
How to cut - Step 2
V-shaped separation from the back of the head to the weakest point of the contour. Calibrate the hair in the neck area following diagonal lines. Pull the hair behind the ear, to lengthen the neck. Continue this calibration with a round leading line up to the back of the head while pulling back the sides as well.
How to cut - Step 3
The partition on the upper head is done in a star shape from the crown, lengthening to the forehead. This length is cut as an overhang and designed smoothly all the way to the bangs by softening the lines.
How to color
How to apply the tones for hair coloring
Men's hairstyle with long bangs
Men's hairstyle with bangs - Side view
Trendy men's haircut with bangs
Male fashion haircut and a loose tie
Side view of a trendy men's haircut

Short Unisex Haircut "Grit" - Woman

Short unisex haircut with bangs for girls
How to cut the bangs
Side view of a unisex haircut with long bangs
Short girls hairstyle with long bangs
Girl with trendy hair wearing a loose tie
Side view of a short girls haircut with bangs

Punk Unisex Haircut "Enamel" - Woman

Short unisex punk hairstyle
How to cut a short punk haircut
How to cut - Step 1
Asymmetrical partition for the upper length hair with sides cut short.
How to cut - Step 2
Shorten upper length at the back of the head, the side partition and the neckline in the back and on the side, the rest of the hair is pulled towards these, soften and cut fringy.
How to color
How to color hair for a punk look
Punk hair style for women
Punk hair for women
female punk look

Punk Unisex Haircut "Enamel" - Man

Male model with a unisex punk haircut
Punk haircut for men

Undercover Color Hairstyle "Velvet"

Hairstyle with changing hair color when you change the parting
How to cut an asymmetrical bob
How to cut - Step 1
Cut short side in triangular partitions.
How to cut - Step 2
Cut into bangs and long side.
How to cut - Step 3
Partition V-shape from the corners of the contour to the hat line with the tip 5 cm below the back of the head. With an asymmetrical shape the tip is asymmetrical as well (see picture). The partition lines are lifted horizontally from the occipital bone. From there all lines are brought back to the last cut passed. The lead line should always be cut in a concave form.
How to cut - Step 4
The length on the upper head is worked in as an overhand by softening it. Cut a vertical leading line on to the side partition and guide all hair to this.
How to color
Velvet Color is an undercover hair coloring technique that only appears when the partition line is changed.
Undercover hair coloring technique - Changing hair color
Model during hair makeover
Side view of a short bob cut with angled bangs
Trendy asymmetrical bob haircut
Hairstyle with different layers of hair coloring

Nylon Styling Cord Pinning

Updo with braids and cord pinning
Step 1
Separate strand of hair and moisten with styling product.
Step 2
Twist strand.
Step 3
Hold end like for a braid as well as a thin strand from the middle. Push up rest of the hair and loosen cords.
Step 4
Drape loosened cords and attach with hairpin or clamp.
How to create a braid hairstyle with cord pinning

Rasta Hairstyle How To

Rasta hairstyle with bangs
Step 1
Separate a circular strand.
Step 2
Apply product to roots and tease.
Step 3
Twist strand, apply product and tease.
Step 4
Continue to the tips of the hair: twist, product and tease...
Finally, the tips are teased to intensely that the bundle of hair will not open.
How to create a rasta hairstyle
Hair: P.A.M. Hair Style Germany
Photographer: Thommy Mardo
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