Doris Fuchs Art of Hair

Modern layered hairstyles
Hairstyles created by Doris Fuchs Art of Hair in Trier, Germany.

Long Straightened Layered Hair

Long layered and straightened hair
Long straight hair with razor cut ends
Cut: Long hair has been layered in different lengths and razor cut at the ends for an extra smooth touch.
Color: The hair color is a cool dark brown with copper red shades in the sides.
Finish: The Hair has been straightened with a flat iron, and the ends are slightly rounded using a large brush.

Mid Length Hair with Long Layers

Mid length hair with layers
Cut: This mid length hairstyle has been cut in long layers with fringed out soft edges.
Color: The hair color is a chocolate brown with golden highlights in the top area.
Finish: The Hair was styled with a gloss spray to get this shiny look.

Feminine Long Hairstyle

Feminine long hairstyle
Feminine look with long hair
Cut: This long hair was layered square on the top area and compact in the baseline.
Color: A wood brown with strands in an ivory tone.
Finish: It was blow-dried over a round Brush to get this ultra-feminine look. Individual strands can be curled over a curling iron for more effects.

Tapered Hairstyle

Hair tapered around the face
Hairstyle with tapering
Cut: This short hairstyle was thoroughly layered from the crown, tapered around the face and it ends in soft fringes.
Color: The contours and lower layers are colored in a noisette brown tone and topped of with two light and cheery blond tones from the crown to about mid-length.
Finish: Blow-dried with thick brush and hands to get this nicely textured look.

Structured Shape Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with structure
Hairstyle with a broad fringe
Cut: A short hairstyle with a structured shape and a broad detailed fringe.
Color: The color is a creamy blonde with icy accents.
Finish: The hair was straightened with a flat iron and styled with a matte paste.

Long Tousled Hair

Long tousled hair
Cut: This hairstyle is long in the back with rather short layers on the top area.
Color: A sheer beige blonde with highlights.
Finish: The hair has been twisted to get this tousled sexy look.

Short Layers and Chunky Bangs

Hairstyle with chunky bangs
Long hairstyle with short layers
Cut: This long hairstyle shows off very short layers on top and some chunky bangs.
Color: The hair color is a sunny blonde with lighter and cooler highlights.
Finish: The hair was blow-dried with a paddle brush and styled with a serum to get this fringy look.

Different Shades of Blonde

Hair with different shades of blonde
Cut: The hair has been cut compact with long layers through and through.
Color: The hair color is a very light blonde with accents in different blonde shades.
Finish: The cut was styled with a flat iron to create this really straight hairstyle.

Bob with Shattered Layers

Shattered bob
Cut: A modern bob with shattered layers.
Color: The hair color is beige blonde with highlights in an ivory tone.
Finish: The look was achieved by straightening the hair with a flat iron and then turning the ends out and upward to create the light and wispy effect.

Short Men's Haircut

Short men's haircut
Short male hairstyle
Cut: This men's haircut is kept very short on the sides and cut in an asymmetric way from the crown of the head to the front.
Color: A cool dark blonde with lighter and warm toned accents.
Finish: To get ultimate texture was styled with a matte paste.
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