White Heat by Anne Veck

Styles for African hair
Anne Veck was inspired by the unique texture and versatility of Afro hair to design looks that incorporate the hair's texture and volume, resulting in styles that simply exude glamour.

Afro Curls and Coils

Long afro hair with curls
Anne lets curls take center stage, with the top crown area reaching above our model's mouth, while the rest flows gracefully around her neck. Following the natural hair fiber of her model, a crimping iron has been used to add volume to the sides, and the twist of a spiral curling iron brings about the necessary coils, delicately nestling around her neckline.
Using a blow dryer while bunching the hair up into gathered curls, along with your spiral iron, will bring this long hairstyle to life.

Energetic Black Hairstyle

Energetic short black hairstyle with chopped bangs
Offering a complimentary dose of sassiness, Anne unveils a chopping technique around the crown to exaggerate the pouf, while the bangs of this short hairstyle feature irregular angles achieved through deliberate chops and jags. One side of the bangs boasts a varied angle, meticulously chopped and tweaked to add texture.
The sides have been closely clipped to her head and around the ears, blending seamlessly into the back, imbuing an overall theme of character. Achieve this energetic appeal with a blow dryer and gel.

Layered Black Hairstyle

Layered and straight black hair
The spellbinding scene of innocence presents bangs that have been clipped and chopped along the hairline erratically, reminiscent of a childhood painting and highly coveted in today's world. Razor-chopped ends complement this layered and straight black hairstyle.
To achieve this look, use a large flat or round brush, brushing the hair completely outward and then downward to achieve the required straightness.

Long Layered African Hair

Long layered African American hair
Side view of layered African hair
Anne employs the soft allure of lacy clouds, symbolizing femininity in her hairstyling. The hair has been cut into long layers, maintaining smooth lines on the top and gathered curls along the bottom.
This is a progressive hairstyle achievable through the use of hot rollers and back brushing, particularly suitable for individuals with medium fine texture who desire layered hair.
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