Racoon/Errol Shoot Step By Step: Blonde

Step 1: Preparing the hair
Cutting hair into a bob
Cut the hair into a short, sharp, bob incorporating an asymmetrical fringe. Remove the bulk of the hair using thinning scissors, which is a perfect way of thinning out the hair without cutting off too much. The slight graduation to the cut will give the style strength.
Step 2: Sectioning the Hair
Hair sectioning
Create a bow arc section two fingers away from the hairline. The section should be on an asymmetric angle, following the shape of the head.
Step 3: Forming a bond
Forming a hair extensions bond
Bleed the bonding through the hair by pushing up from beneath, bringing the hands together. Pinch top and bottom and roll between the fingers to form a solid bead using both hands. Repeat until a solid row of extensions are created.
Step 4: Fringe Placement
Apply rows of hair extensions
Apply 3 rows of extensions, using an even blend of ash blonde and warm brown (Racoon Euro colors 42, 45 and 24) to match the models natural hair color, to achieve a fuller and thicker fringe.
Step 5: Finished section
Micro bonding technique for hair extensions
When the section is completed, the model should be left with solid rows of extensions in a bow arc with no gaps. All the extensions should be touching. By using Racoon's unique micro bonding technique, the bonds are so subtle that they will be barely visible, perfect for delicate extensions work such as this.
Step 6: Cutting
Cut hair extensions on an angle
Cut the extensions on a graduated asymmetric angle from a sharp point just above the eyebrow to a sharp point at the cheekbone.
Step 7: Finishing
Cut blunt bangs with clippers
Finish with clippers in order to achieve a really sharp, blunt edge.
Step 8: Styling
Spritz the hair with a fine mist of Racoon-Xtend Thermal Defense to protect the hair from heat styling, and then enhance the shape and definition of the style with styling irons.
Hair styling to enhance shape and definition
Finished style
Blonde bob
Hair: Errol Douglas for Racoon International
Extensions: Racoon Artistic Team
Photography: Alex Cecchini
Styling: Robert Morrison
Makeup: Irene Rogers
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