Art Collection by Mikel Luzea

18th Century Inspired Hairstyles

Historical hair
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Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the 18th century, this collection by Mikel Luzea pays homage to an era when Parisian hairdressers first gained renown. It was a time when iconic figures like Marie Antoinette set trends in hair fashion, and historical hairstyles defined the image of nobility, elevating hairdressing to the status of art.
Join us in celebrating Mr. Luzea's artistic creations, where intricate designs reveal the depth of his imagination and his profound connection with the universe. We invite you to explore his masterful work and hope it serves as inspiration for your own creative endeavors.

18th Century Braid

18th century hairstyle with a braid
The bullfighter stood with impeccable posture, stamping his foot and shouting with authority, 'Ah, El Toro! El Toro!' The crowd erupted into cheers as they witnessed El Toro snort and glare back, challenging the Matador. With each stomp of his hoof, anticipation filled the air, until suddenly, his head whipped up and he charged toward the red cape. The spectators erupted into wild roars and applause.
In a similar spirit, Mr. Luzea's fantasy fashion features his own interpretation of El Toro, complete with horns. A striking contrast between milky skin and a white costume accentuates the raven black hair, capitalizing on its remarkable allure. The long, dark hair has been intricately interwoven around the horns, seamlessly blending with the model's natural beauty and adorned with a seductive braid. Ole!

Waist Length Hair

18th century hairstyle for waist length hair
Beware the captivating allure of this proper Conquistador, igniting fantasies in every observer's imagination. In this image, a striking and masterful aura surrounds the model, as if she were adorned with a helmet by birthright. Her extravagant, ebony hair cascades gracefully down to her waist in gentle waves.
The top portion of her hair has been sleekly drawn back, seamlessly interwoven with the bulk of her tresses, which flow elegantly to meet their length. The design and color of the dress boldly complement the model's skin tone, further accentuated by the designer's creative hairstyling.


18th century hairstyle with curls
Master Luzea's artistry is evident as the model strikes a pose in her elegant platinum-white evening gown. Her luscious dark locks are gathered into a cascade of curls, gracefully framing one side of her face, while the crown is adorned with a large ornamental hairpiece.
To perfect this style, additional curls and waves below her shoulders have been meticulously crafted, undoubtedly poised to captivate the judges' attention.


18th century hairstyle with braids
This sassy and playful collection evokes a sense of youthful exuberance, inviting the mind to wander into a world of fantasy. Our model presents a delightful array of high-fashion braids and strategically placed hairpieces, exuding a rebellious charm that complements the ensemble.
Alongside the face, we notice sleek lines and contrasting colors, adding depth and intrigue to this captivating creation.

High Piece of Hair

18th century hairstyle with a high piece of hair
I see a porcelain doll that doesn't move when I look upon her. She never blinks or smiles and holds true to her heart, the deep beauty that is found, without expression, without a laugh and without a song.
Standing boldly in her long white dress, her jet black curls cannot be missed as they are clustered together in ceramic masses that are graduated to a very high piece of hair taking the form of a hat. Completely yours and completely Mikel.

Audacious Look

Audacious look with an 18th-century hairstyle
Helen Reddy famously sang "I Am Woman," and this audacious look exudes confident femininity just like her. Our model wears most of her golden hair in an updo, with individual curls strategically placed in various positions.
At the top, a large piece of hair mimics the appearance of a hat, complemented by a braid cascading down her back. Black, gold, and white combine flawlessly, ensuring an unforgettable entrance.

Platinum Hair

18th century hairstyle for platinum hair
As I gazed upon the mannequin, I couldn't help but admire her serene demeanor and elegant hairstyle. Her hair, a light platinum hue, was intricately styled into numerous short layers, some intertwined like pretzels, while others were delicately twirled around her ears.
At the crown, her hair was skillfully fashioned into what resembled a hat, adding a touch of artistic flair. Artistry abounds to the right and left, but here, we witness true magic.
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Styling: Beñat Yanci
Products: L'oréal Professionnel
Photography: David Muñiz
Art Work: Astrain Diseño
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