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Your Salon’s Reputation

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a bad day. You cannot please everyone and in the customer service industry, there will always be someone who is dissatisfied with their experience. Sadly, that is just how life works because nobody is perfect.
This is especially true when it comes to working in a hair salon, whether you are an owner or a stylist and why is that? There will always be those clients who come in wanting to look a certain way and no matter how hard you work with them and try to explain (in the nicest of terms) that you are not a miracle worker, they will not listen to you thus leaving your chair upset and frazzled. No matter what you may have done to dissuade said client, some people are just relentless and they want what they want; you cannot stop them not matter what.
Those bangs you said were going to be too short for their face shape when they asked your opinion and you were as kind as possible? Now, they are walking out of the salon on their smartphone, Yelping away about how they had the absolute worst experience and are never going back again. This may be a fit of rage and they may be long time clients whom have only praised you as a stylist and have sent people your way but with the invention of technology and review apps so readily available, they cannot help but jump on and unleash their fit of anger onto the world.
And now everyone who is looking for a new salon is going to see this negative review and think twice about coming by and now your salon’s reputation may be ruined indefinitely. A dye job you may have tried to tell a client was just not going to work for them (and it didn’t). It has left them in tears and now you are the enemy and again, social media is the venting platform of choice. It is really sad that people cannot just talk to the person that they have a problem with and rectify it then and there as opposed to bashing them.
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If you, as a client, are not happy with a service, especially from someone that you have trusted for a long time, you should not destroy their business that they have worked hard to build. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to your passion. In a salon situation, you need to trust your stylist and understand that they will only do what they believe is best for you and your face shape as well as your hair and the condition that it is in. If it is damaged and fried but you want to go from brown to bleached blonde, they will probably tell you no and if you are not satisfied with the happy medium they may have suggested, remember that they were just trying to save you from further hair trauma.
Not everyone can bring in a photo of Jennifer Aniston and say that they want to look like that and walk out with her hair color and style because we are all different hence the beauty of hair and life. According to, 88% of customers that were talked to admitted that they rely heavily on and listen to online reviews and will only go to the places with the best reviews and reputation.
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