Hair Straightening with KeraStraight

KeraStraight hair straightening
Step by Step Instructions:
1. The model has naturally curly hair that requires daily straightening. She also has some highlights scattered throughout her hair.
2. First of all, the hair is gently cleansed with the deep-penetrating KeraStraight Pre-Treatment Shampoo to open up the hair shaft and soften the hair in preparation for the treatment.
Curly hair before straightening
Cleansing hair before straightening
3. Once rinsed, the hair is dried with a medium heat to remove all of the moisture.
4. The required amount of KeraStraight treatment is transferred to a bowl. Starting at the nape, KeraStraight Treatment is applied in sections that are approximately 1 cm apart. Close to, but not directly onto, the roots and continued through to the ends.
Remove moisture from the hair
Applying KeraStraight hair treatment
5. It's essential to make sure that the hair is thoroughly dampened. Underapplication may create a less even result. Porous hair can over-absorb the treatment, so more may be required. Development time is not usually necessary, unless the hair is virgin, very curly, or resistant. In these cases, a 20-minute development time is required.
6. The KeraStraight treatment is blow-dried into the hair, ensuring that the hair is completely dry before the next step. Blow-drying takes a little longer than usual, given that there is treatment on the hair, but stay on a medium setting. Using a paddle brush helps to produce a completely dry finish.
Hair with KaraStraight
Blow-drying hair after KeraStraight treatment
7. With the ceramic flat iron set at 230°, begin at the nape by taking hair sections of between 0.5 and 1 cm in thickness and ironing each 7-10 times to ensure the keratin is locked into the hair. Begin by moving the iron through the hair quickly. Do not let the iron pause on the hair, but move down the hair shaft consistently.
8. By using the KeraStraight Easy Comb, the iron can be placed right to the root, while protecting the client’s scalp and the hairdressers’ hands, to ensure perfect silky, straight hair.
Flat iron styling
Styling for silky straight hair
9. The finished result is beautifully conditioned, healthy and shiny, straight hair, which can be kept salon-perfect by the client with the refreshingly simple regime of KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner.
Long and shiny hair after straightening
Shiny long hair
Hair: Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director for Trevor Sorbie Salons for KeraStraight
Technical Application: Nathan Walker, International Technical Director for Trevor Sorbie Salons for KeraStraight
Photography: Desmond Murray
Makeup: Cheryl Phelps Gardner
Styling: Bernard Connelly