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How to Pass a Hairdressing Job Interview

So you are ready to find a new hair salon. Maybe this is your first job out of cosmetology school or you have possibly outgrown your current space. Perhaps you are ready to take your career to the next level or maybe the salon you are currently working in is transitioning into a new direction then you want to go. In a field that is highly creative, you may be wondering how one prepares for such an interview. There are two ways to prepare. If you are a new cosmetologist, your preparation will be different than a seasoned stylist who has her own clientele.
Seasoned Stylist Preparation:
If you are presently or formerly employed in the salon industry, as a seasoned stylist you can anticipate to be asked questions about how many current patrons you have and if they will move with you to a new location. You can expect to be asked how you retain your clients business, keeping in mind if the new salon has a price increase in services, how will your current clients respond to this? The volume of new clients you will carry over to your new salon and keep will greatly impact and influence the new salon's fiscal success.
Your potential new boss (new hair salon owner) has to keep in mind that statistically speaking, a small percentage of your clients will stay at your old salon (for numerous reasons) especially if there is a price increase at the new salon or the drive to the new salon is greater too inconvenient. So this is something that you and your prospective new boss both have to keep in mind.
Hair salon job interview

New Cosmetologist Preparation:
If you are a bundle of nerves as you are embarking in a new career field and interviewing for your first job as a new stylist, relax and know that everyone has to start somewhere. Use your new found career passion to your advantage! Inform the interviewer that this is not just another job to you, this is your career! Let them know that you are passionate and excited for this career to take off in their hair salon. Trust that you have the skills and tools you need to be successful.
You can anticipate to be asked what you can offer that can guarantee more business for that salon. For example, you might be asked about the number of services you can perform as well as your level of expertise. A stylist who can formulate hair color and do perms and hair extensions is more valuable than a barber who only cuts hair. Strategically mention that a stylist who can perform many services and has expert knowledge such as the ability to formulate color corrections or sew in hair extensions is a more valuable employee than a stylist who only cuts hair.
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