When to Wash your Hair

Woman washing her hair
Q: Is it better to wash your hair in the morning or in the evening?
A: This would depend on a lot of external factors, but I think that the simplest way to approach this would be to address the following points:
Many people complain that their hair looks greasy after they went to bed with wet hair. Specialists say that the hair is not actually greasy, yet it may appear to be.
This is because of the weight of the head that rests on the hair during the night. The head basically presses the hair flat against the scalp, which makes it appear as if the hair may be flat and oily. Also, the cuticles of the hair get pressed in all kinds of different directions, which can also make hair seem dull and lifeless.
Also, hair is at its most fragile when it is wet. All the friction and movement regarding your tossing and turning during the night may put a lot of stress on you locks. This could cause breakage in the long term.
Then again, very few women want to go to work or school with wet hair. If you have enough time and energy in the morning, it would probably be best to wash and blow dry your hair in the morning, to look fresh and shiny.
Yet, in my experience very few women have the time for this during their morning routines. If you prefer to wash your hair at night, but still look good when you go to school or work in the morning, there are a few things that you can incorporate:
1. Sleep on a silk pillow. Studies have shown that silk offers very little resistance or friction to the hair during night-time movements. This means that even if you go to bed with wet hair, your hair won’t snap or tangle like it would on a rough type of material. A silk pillow is also one of your most powerful weapons if you desire long, healthy hair.
2. Use products specifically designed for increased volume. Light shampoos and gentle conditioners, as well as root-lift mousses of sprays can work wonders on flat hair.
3. Learn to gently back-comb your hair in small sections, at the roots to lift the body of the hair. This will increase the volume and lift the hair away from the scalp. You should finish off the look with a shine-enhanced hairspray, to make the hair look glossy, clean and healthy.
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