Time Saving Hairstyles

Hairstyle to save time in the morning
Q: Is a bob a time saving hairstyle? Will I need less time in the morning with a bob or is it better to keep my long hair? I want a style that doesn’t need a lot of work after a night’s sleep.
A: This is a tricky question, which can get even more complicated if you have curly or wavy hair.
In short; if you have naturally straight, medium to thick hair; then a bob will take less time to style and you’ll save on care treatments as well. For this type of hair, I ALWAYS recommend a bob, especially the A-line types.
If you have wavy, curly, especially thick or especially thin hair, you must understand that you’re probably going to have to style it every morning. Wavy or curly hair tends to curve into licks or flares during the night, (even if it had been straightened that day), and won’t look picture perfect when you get up in the morning. If it doesn’t bother you that your hair won’t look perfectly styled when you get up, then this might not be a problem.
Take into account that you’ll definitely save time on styling with a bob, as you obviously blow-dry, tong or straighten shorter hair much faster than long hair. But if you’re used to tying your hair up most days, you have curly/wavy hair and you’re aiming at a short bob, you’ll have to prepare yourself to spend more time on styling your hair.
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