Short Haircuts and Re-Growth

Bob cut for curly hair
Photo: Jet Cat Studio/Shutterstock
Q: Currently, I have a bob style (naturally curly hair) and have it colored with highlights. My gray would probably be around 65-70%. How can I have a short haircut without showing the re-growth? My re-growth would be about one inch (2.5 cm).
A: Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter how long or short your hair is. Re-growth is inevitable and happens to all of us. There are a couple of tips and tricks that can make the new growth more bearable and it sounds like you are on the right track.
Highlights are great for blending. Keep them as natural-looking as possible for a low maintenance grow out. For example, keep the highlights thin. Not chunky and only a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair color. Highlights won’t color all of your gray. So if you’re looking for more coverage, you may want to opt for a different color service.
If you decide to color your entire head of hair use a shade around the same level and tone as your natural hair so there is minimal contrast as your new growth starts coming in. You may want to start off with a demi-permanent color instead of permanent color if this is your first time coloring your entire head.
A demi-permanent is more of a color staining service and will show the grays like highlights. They will be colored but appear more blended and lighter than the rest of your hair. It is a good option for more low-maintenance coloring because it fades out slowly and you won’t get a harsh line of new growth as it comes in.
Some other things you may want to consider are different styling tricks. Forward bangs help camouflage roots because the part line is more blended. Headbands or scarves are great tools to wear over grown out roots. They have so many cute and stylish ones available right now, too!
Lastly, research quick root touch-up kits to hide grays on your parting line. They have powder kits that brush on to help hide roots and get you a little more time away from the salon.
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