Professional Ponytail or Loose Hair

Woman wearing her long hair loose
Q: Is a ponytail or loose long hair professional in an office environment? My mom thinks that I would do better during job interviews if I chop my hair off and opt for a cute short hairstyle. I’m tempted to believe her but I would like to hear an expert’s opinion first.
A: Ponytails aren’t really done in a corporate environment, as it is usually linked to a school-girl or stay-at-home style.
If you want to keep your long hair, you can learn to style your hair into more mature styles such as a chignon or a braid that gets pinned up.
This being said, shorter hair does seem to convey a more mature, individualistic and modern appearance in the workplace, as long as the style is well cared for and well maintained.
Thus, you don’t necessarily have to chop off your hair, but it probably will increase your workplace appearance as long as you know how to style it, and keep it neat and maintained.
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