Professional Home Hair Coloring

Dye your own hair
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Q: Can you get professional results with coloring hair at home? What products should you buy for professional results?
A: This is a multi-faceted question. Salon products will always be better/higher quality than store-bought products, because salon products automatically target a higher-income bracket of society.
Higher-income individuals pay more for a product or service, but they are also harder to impress, and will immediately spot the difference in a sub-standard product, service or result. In short, they’re willing to pay more for a product/service, but they’re very adamant that they get value for their money.
In contrast; when you buy your own hair color and do your hair at home, it costs you a fraction of the price, but you most certainly also know that your hair isn’t going to come out looking like it’s been done by an experienced hairdresser.
Our subconscious has been branded with phrases such as “you get what you paid for,” thus if you pay less for something, you’ll automatically be satisfied with a lesser product or result. For this reason, much more expensive research, innovation and technology go into developing more expensive, yet higher quality products for the salon bracket, in direct contrast to the store bought bracket.
Secondly, if you want to do your hair at home, you’re probably a student or a hair enthusiast without any salon training, or a busy mom, etc. I’ve often found that the factor that tips the scale regarding good hair is the talent and experience of the stylist.
You can have the absolute best products in the world, but if the person that will be applying them to the hair is sub-standard in knowledge, experience or talent, the result won’t be very impressive. Yet, you can give less-expensive products to a knowledgeable, talented and experienced stylist, and most people won’t be able to tell that the client’s hair has not been done with salon-quality products.
So, in short; store bought products will always be sub-standard in comparison with salon products. Yet, if you have a stylist that’s talented and has experience and theoretical knowledge of using store-bought products, the result will probably be pretty close to a salon result.
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