Male or Female Hairdresser

Male and female hairdressers doing hair
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Q: Are female hairdressers better than male hairdressers? I mean for cutting and styling women’s hair. Is it better to see a female hair stylist?
A: There is no way that anyone can gauge the skilled abilities of any professional based solely on their gender; it doesn’t matter whether you’re considering a doctor or a hairdresser.
The gender of a person has little to do with how good or bad they do their job, so I think that by trying to base a prospective hairdresser plainly on their sex is a very bad and inaccurate idea. You’re probably not just going to end up choosing the wrong hairdresser for yourself; you’re also undoubtedly going to offend the hairdresser and anyone else that might be part of the process.
There is no rule of thumb to determine which sex would be better at hairdressing. Some of the absolute best celebrity hairdressers are males, although the profession as a whole still seems to be dominated by females. The reason for this is probably because of the collective conception that hairdressing is a field for females.
Girls are also much more prone to spend a lot of time experimenting with their hair as they grow up, thus they have a much more natural inclination towards the profession than the average boy or young man would. Then again, the average man tends to have better developed logical thinking processes than the average woman, meaning they have a firmer grasp on shapes, forms and perfect angles or lines. This is why men tend to be better mathematicians, even from school-age.
A firm grasp on logical processes should automatically mean that the angles and lines of a perfectly symmetrical or asymmetrical cut would be second nature to a hairdresser. Thus, it can be argued that male hairdressers have an advantage concerning their natural logical thinking abilities. The point is that you shouldn’t choose your hairdresser based on whether he/she is a male/female hairdresser, as this is irrelevant.
If you’re searching for a hairdresser that would be perfect for you, the first thing you should do is look for someone whose hair looks really good to you. Look for someone, (even a total stranger on the street), whose color, cut and style looks perfect to you. Ask that person at which salon she/he gets her/his hair cut, as well as the stylist’s name. You could either just first go for a wash and blow to just get a handle on the stylist’s personality, etc., or you could commit immediately and go for a cut, color and blow-dry right from the beginning.
If you opt for the second scenario, you’ll know right away whether all the elements are there for you to mesh really well with this hairdresser. With this I mean whether her/his personality, methods and techniques agree with everything that you find important in the ultimate hairdresser.
Thus in conclusion; I would suggest that you eliminate the gender of the prospective hairdresser completely from your list of characteristics, and base your decision on where and by whom to get your hair cut solely on the personality, ability, qualification and experience of the hairdresser in question.
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