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Hairstyles to Look more Intelligent

Q: I finished college and I will apply for office jobs now. I’m looking for a new hairstyle that will make me look more intelligent and less girlish. I do not want to look old fashioned . Would a bob be a good idea?
A: A bob is a good choice, especially a just above the collar bob. This length keeps your hair from getting caught in the collars of your shirts or blazers, which is usually an irritating trait of the bob. When the hair gets caught here, it bends or curls the tips of the hair, which can cause the hair to curl in or out at the ends, or look messy.
The just above the collar bob enhances the jawline and neckline, while complimenting facial features such as high cheekbones and defining features such as big eyes or a sultry mouth.
This is definitely not an outdated look. In fact, you’ll note a lot of your new female colleagues will wear their hair in this way, especially the women in top management. This is because it is a relatively easily maintained and very structured hairstyle that can be very versatile. It is a favorite among hairstylists, especially for their corporate clients.
Above the collar bob cut for the office

Just remember that to get the most out of your “professional looking” bob, you would have to keep up with maintaining and caring for it. If you have curly hair, you should know that you’ll be blow-drying your hair very often to give it that sleek, sharp look. A curly bob can easily look messy or laid back. If you already have straight or slightly wavy hair, this shouldn’t be a factor. Just keep your flat iron and heat protection tools handy in case of a bad hair day.
The color is also always important, especially in a professional environment. I know that it’s sexist and unfair, but there will always be a stigma about brunettes being smarter than blondes, even though there is absolutely no basis for this belief.
Anyway, that being said, hair color does play a huge role in how someone classifies you based on looks only within the first few seconds of meeting you. Studies show that this impression is very hard to break once it has been formed, irrespective of how inaccurate or accurate it is.
If you want to make that instant “professional lady” impact upon meeting your new colleagues, I would go for a rich, medium brown above the collar bob. You can ask the stylist to put in a few very thin highlights that are toned down to a dark blonde color (level 7). This will give your hair movement and dimension, while also looking well-maintained and classy.
If you have blonde hair and intend to keep it that way, ask the stylist to tone down your base color to a dark blonde (level 7), while adding thin light ash-blonde highlights. This color is relatively easy to maintain, while it looks really classy and smart.
You don’t have to have the highlights touched up every month; just make sure that you get you roots covered with the base color on a monthly basis. There’s nothing more off-putting than a woman with an obvious regrowth, especially in the professional realm.
Good luck with this new phase in your life and enjoy it!
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