Medication and Hair Color

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Q: Can medications make hair not take color?
A: Yes, although the medical reasons concerning the explanations behind this phenomenon are not well researched at all. This field has actually garnered a lot of attention in the past few decades. You can make countless deductions about a person’s health, habits and consumption based only on making an analysis on a hair sample of said person.
“CSI fans know that the most accurate way to identify the drugs a person takes is to analyze hair samples,” says Dr. David Healy, CEO. “Hair accumulates drugs when people take them and laboratory hair sample tests are legally and scientifically recognized as admissible evidence in courts around the world. Long before drug effects on hair were widely known, hair stylists were likely to be the earliest observers. Truth be told, your hairdresser could tell you a lot about you and the drugs you take.”
Countless hairdressers have reported cases where chemical processes do not take or have very different results than it delivered before the client was being treated with specific medications.
One of my clients has a light ash-toned natural hair color, and I usually colored her regrowth with an 8NA, which is a medium/dark blonde color with a cool undertone. A month after she had a serious and invasive operation, she came to have her hair colored. I used exactly the same formula as always, but this time her roots came out with a very warm undertone. My guess would be that the narcotics that she was prescribed interfered with the results of the color, although it could also be any of the other new medication that she was using.
If you search the web, you’ll find that a lot of clients and hairdressers have many stories like mine. Although the medical field has not really looked into this to any satisfactory level; it is indisputable that medication definitely has a huge effect on the appearance and health of hair, as well as the affectivity and all-over results that chemical products and processes have on hair.
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