Cut Paper with Hair Scissors

Equinox hair scissors
Q: Is it true that you should never cut paper with hairdresser’s scissors? Why?
A: This question really just gives me the creeps… Why would you want to cut paper with stylist shears? Have you gotten any idea how expensive a proper set of stylist shears is? Even just from a principle point of view, it’s really not cool to even think about cutting paper with stylist scissors.
Anyway, fabric scissors and stylist shears are really one and the same in this regard. If you’ve never had to face the wrath of your mother or grandmother after using her fabric scissors to cut paper, count yourself lucky.
According to experts, any form of paper really does dull the blades of any scissors. The reason for this is that various types of clays and/or calcium carbonate are components of paper or card board etc. These ingredients keep the paper stiff. These minerals are very abrasive, and will dull the blades of any type of scissors instantly.
The main reason why it’s really important to cut hair or fabric with super sharp scissors, is that the dull edges of paper scissors will basically chomp down on a hair or fabric, and fray or snap it on a microscopic level.
For a seamstress this means that blunt scissors will ruin a beautiful piece of silk. In the case of a hairdresser, things get even worse. If your hairdresser cuts your hair with blunt shears, it snaps the edges on a microscopic level. Snapped edges spell one thing: split ends.
The frayed and ragged edges basically tear up in the length of the hair, and ultimately destroy the entire length of the hair if it is allowed to tear from root to tip.
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