Clipper Cut Pixie Maintenance

Woman with short clipper cut hair
Q: I want a trendy pixie with a super short buzzed nape and maybe buzzed sideburns. I’m worried about the maintenance cost because after less than a month the clipper cut areas might already be too long. What do you think? Could I ask a friend to retouch the clipper cut sections or would it be too risky?
A: Interesting question. As a stylist my first and obvious answer would be that it’s really not such a bright idea to let a friend cut your hair, especially when a clipper is involved.
The hardest part for your friend would be to blend the longer top in with the really short back and sides. It’s not as easy as it seems to blend different lengths of hair in such a way that the end result is seamless.
Also, you guys probably won’t be using the correct tools (styling razor, thinning shears), which minimizes your chances of success even further. This would be my official stylist answer.
Then again, (off the record), I do understand that we live in an age where anyone can do anything (at least, this is what gets sold to us every day) so the temptation will be great to attempt something like this on your own.
The worst that can happen is that you guys stuff it up, and you’ll have to go back to your stylist with your tail between your legs, and have your hair hacked off a bit shorter than planned. If this doesn’t seem like an intense deterrent to you; go for it.
You may be the type of person who can roll with any type of hairstyle, and if said hairstyle happens to be a really short and choppy pixie cut, so be it. On the other hand, if your heart rate increases at the thought of really short and choppy hair, or facing the wrath of your stylist, I suggest you make peace with the maintenance of your pixie.
Also keep in mind that the maintenance on a pixie cut is actually really low. You can have the sides and back buzzcut, but it will take quite a while to grow out again. The whole style grows out at the same rate, so the style really just evolves into a longer pixie cut, until the whole style doesn’t suit your liking anymore.
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