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Thermal Reconditioning and Seawater

Q: If I'll have my hair straight with the Thermal Reconditioning method , and I'll went to the sea side and swim like I usually do, will it curl back my hair or will it remain as straight as it was before? At the sea side nobody stays each and every day to blow dry their hair, so I'm really curious about this fact.
A: As long as you follow the stylist's instructions and avoid getting your hair wet and using products for the recommended period after having the treatment, you should have no problems with swimming in pools or ocean water - at least from a hair standpoint.
You do want to make sure to take care of your hair at the seaside, anyway. This includes rinsing your hair carefully after coming out of the ocean or a chlorinated pool. You should also use a gentle shampoo and conditioner in these instances as well, to remove any residual salt or chlorine and help restore the hair's pH balance.
Do remember that chlorine and seawater can have stressing effects on even virgin hair (hair that has never been chemically treated at all) and while the thermal reconditioning and its counterpart treatments help to restore the condition of the hair, you don't want to "undo" all those benefits by being careless. So, enjoy the sun, surf and poolside all you want, but make sure to protect your hair in the process.
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